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  1. To get a bitcoin is too much work but not impossible. If it is to start from 0 without investing it is very difficult, since there is very little income at the beginning. When you already have a considerable capital, you can have a shot of luck and get to that bitcoin in a short time.
  2. It is good to be verified the account with KYC because any problem that comes to present in your account, can be a backup; for example, if you lose access to your account on some occasions they ask for a selfie with the document and if they verify the photo you sent in kyc and they give you access in some way.
  3. There are many things that I like about this world of cryptocurrencies, the main ones are the various ways that exist to earn and invest in it; for example airdrops, mining, trading, long and short-term investment and many platforms that receive it.
  4. It seems to me that the investbox offers a great opportunity to those people who do not want to risk so much money and simply invest there safely and earning a%. Very excellent Yobit for this great option to earn money.
  5. starting to earn free cryptocurrencies online is difficult; Over time we will get great opportunities that allow us to win. One of these opportunities is the one offered by cryptotalk to pay for a simple publication and thus have to start investing and raise the capital.
  6. I use to withdraw and sell LTC since I pass the funds to payeer and sell; On the other hand, for the transfers from exchange to exchange I use BNB and XLM even though their commissions are low, the transfer is almost immediately.
  7. One of the advantages of cryptocurrencies is that you save time and money; Since it can be sent anywhere in the world super fast and without so many commissions; as you can also earn an additional income allows working with them earning a percentage easily operating 🙂
  8. In the trading part, Yobit has a very understandable design for those who want to operate; As it is also an exchange that has a lot of money, since it has many cryptocurrencies that are in little exchange, this makes us have the opportunity a lot of money.
  9. In the different ways to generate money I like to do trading. You can generate a lot of profits if you invest a lot and study the currency well, in which you have to have basic knowledge about it.
  10. great to talk about mistakes; many give up when something surprising happens to them. From mistakes one learns and each day is one more step to achieve the goals.😊
  11. I am very happy to have entered the world of cryptocurrencies; I have achieved many great things with them; One of them is to have an additional income without so much work, which was great for everyone to know about this topic.
  12. To always have something great and go very far; That is why people who have a lot of money make investments and get more and more money; Dangerous investments are sometimes successful.
  13. What I do with my earnings in investing 50% and the other 50% I withdraw and so on I am increasing my capital; all my profits are operating because I'm doing excellent and a small part in investment.
  14. Yes, because I like to help people who are starting out; I like most of all answering issues related to cryptocurrencies and investment. By helping people, I think that those people could also help me; in short work as a team.
  15. Operar en criptomonedas siempre existe un riesgo porque todo se basa en la compra y venta de la moneda. Estudiar un poco sobre el comercio disminuiría el riesgo, pero no es seguro que gane.
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