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  1. Yes you are right that Bitcoin began its journey in 2009 and in the context of it, Bitcoin is being managed on a blockchain basis and in the same way thousands of coins are now being operated through blockchain under different names and we are now seeing thousands of crypto currencies in the smuggling and so on. May increase further.
  2. Goldman City Bank has stated that they will switch to the new blockchain on the platform inspired by ETH coins but I do not understand why they are trying to change the way the payment system is currently used and where the blockchain is being used.
  3. As well as maintaining a portfolio that is good for successful traders, you should pick up market analysis coins and maintain good capital to be a successful trader, you will be a successful trader when everything is good.
  4. There are several websites for analyzing crypto and forex market, you can get good ideas about crypto and forex market, among them and Coinmarketcap, you get good ideas through these two sites, I myself try to understand the market from these two sites.
  5. If you want to trade as a professional, you need to be good at trading. For this, you have to have a good idea about the cryptocurrency market and you should have experience in picking well. Then you can be a good trader.
  6. Since Libra does have a Facebook coin, demand for Libra coins is high, if we can buy and hold Libra coins now we can sell Libra coins at a much higher price, as many would be interested in buying from us for advertising, So I think investing in it right now is a wise thing to do
  7. Yoda coin is failed, I think this coin has collapsed, because this coin is no longer available on the Yobit exchange site, I think this coin did not gain popularity, I saw the last 109 came down to Satoshi, I do not think this coin will return anymore.
  8. I do not like cryptocurrency signals much because they are not always effective due to cryptocurrency signals, so I think you should increase the experience of the currency market rather than the signal in cryptocurrency, and by understanding the market position yourself, you can make good income.
  9. Bitcoin market will never collapse because the popularity of Bitcoin is very high and already we have seen Bitcoin being used as payment gateway of various companies and Bitcoin has now become the most transactional channel in the world so Bitcoin will never die.
  10. In order to make good trading and to achieve success in trading, one of the few things you always have to keep in mind is that you have to keep track of your market position at all times and you need to invest in the right coins, and you need to have a door and make the right decisions at the right time. You can make good income and get success from trading.
  11. If you are trading short term then you do not need to hold your comments, but if you are trading long term then your coins need to be held for holding because you understand the position of the market, you have to sell and hold it long term for higher profit.
  12. I always like everything in the long run because everything is good in the long run. The result is always sweet, so I think we should patiently gain experience in a market, and invest in the right coins should have the mentality of waiting, then trading is more profitable.
  13. You need to have more capital to invest in Bitcoin because if you do not invest a large amount of Bitcoin, you cannot see a good profit because the price of Bitcoin is high and you will have to wait while buying Bitcoin to hold your comments. Only then will you be able to profit by selling higher prices later.
  14. If you want to recover your losses, you can pick up small coins and invest in those coins, and when the prices of these coins go up, you can sell them and make a lot of profit and recover your losses.
  15. We should buy coins when the market position is bad, then we should not sell coins, we can benefit when we sell our coins when the market position is bad, and when the market position is bad, our coins are bought and held. .
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