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  1. sog5qjshg - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. I know him since 2016, very grateful to my friends and brother who introduced me to the world of crypto
  3. Yes, since the price drop from last June, buying bitcoin at this time is very good for the long term until next year, the data has proven that the price of bitcoin every year on average has increased
  4. bitcoin can be said to be a beautiful dream for those who succeed in it, but also a nightmare for those who fail in bitcoin trading, I am one of the people who have been fortunate to know bitcoin since 2016 with various changes in life that can not be separated because of bitcoin trading
  5. Long-term holding may be considered bad for traders who have the type of trading daily, but good holding for investors
  6. is a digital asset designed to work as an exchange medium that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify asset transfers. I learned it through my sister who is more involved in crypto
  7. mining is one way to get a bitcoin, but it takes a detailed calculation between the profit of mined coins and the costs of expenses such as electricity costs, internet data and maintenance of the mining equipment itself
  8. in my country bitcoin and other crypto are still illegal, the government still recognizes them as digital assets, still far from the main goal of creating bitcoin as a currency
  9. see YO coin movement from the start of launching is so good to be made an investment, had experienced a price decline but was able to return to high prices again even though it had not touched ATH before it
  10. indeed it is very difficult to identify fraud, because there are many ways they do to attract the interest of the investors, for example with the lure of a bonus for purchasing so many coins in ICO, promises of listing promises in large markets and that I think has become an outdated way to cheat in the world crypto
  11. my worst experience was when I was trapped by a phishing link that led to an email account that I could take several coins with a value of almost 10,000 dollars, very sad to remember that
  12. I'm sure not everyone hears about bitcoin especially in countries with low economic class, maybe bitcoin is something that is asimg for them
  13. With 3000 satoshi per day for me will be used as an investment in the long term by saving it little by little and long time will be a lot too, so the important thing is we are patient to be able to generate maximum income later
  14. I am very thankful that until now I have never experienced a wallet address error when storing coins, so my advice should be to be more careful and carefully double-check your wallet address to keep the coins to avoid losing coins.
  15. I strongly agree if bitcoin is said to be the king of crypto, because until now there has been no coin that is able to defeat the big names of bitcoin in the crypto world and bitcoin is considered to be the mother of other coins on the market
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