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  1. This is easy to retrieve if you have your private keys. But then again, you asked why you didn't withdraw yesterday? Withdraw from where? Your wallet to where? Anyways, you can always retrieve your Bitcoin on a new system provided you set it up with same mail address as the old one
  2. The only airdrop I benefited from immensely was Energi coin. Others airdropped coins I got are just there in myether wallet and I don't even know how to get it out because it's not profitable
  3. I've lost Bitcoin to HYIP program in the past and I intended to retrieve this if I can but also afraid of falling for another scam. What is the retrieval process?
  4. The violation using translator is same as copy and paste. The forum frowns at use of translators as well as copy and paste. So in trying to make extra money, you can try learn English or Russian to make legit cash here
  5. Quite an informative site for me. I've learnt so much more as a newbie in crypto alt. The analysis is explanatory enough to make your personal trading decision. Your post about cats will not even get a tip
  6. Often times, the main aim of renaming a crypto coin is to repackage and increase coin profitability. There's nothing in the post saying Bitcoin expires. Cryptocurrency don't expires but developers do abandon a crypto project
  7. I believe this post should have been deleted if the forum admin are not being partial. People reading this posts are already cryptotalk members, with most of them linking their accounts here with Yobit already. If at all the post stands, it shouldn't be in this section maybe at beginners section. We are all here
  8. Paying back all traders is a different ball game compared to coming back to get traders confidence. How many traders will want to use Cryptopia again when they knew Yobit was hacked and it didn't take them time to refund all traders affected
  9. How do I then manually set this transaction fees without delaying the transaction due to miners not including the transaction in a mining block? What's the reasonable amount to choose as transaction fees?
  10. Reddit, GitHub are more important earning as than blockfolio. Most project have there sub Reddit group and GitHub code repositories for miners.
  11. This is the biggest risk of using your mobile phone as a wallet. The service centre people can compromise your security while fixing your phone in case of any malfunction. Thanks for sharing this
  12. Popedee


    This app is useful more to the US and Canada citizens because of localized adverts. Payout is low for Africans and there's no option to withdraw using cryptocurrency.
  13. Recently, with Yoda and Alissa, I've been making good returns from the investbox. I plan on living this two in the investbox for a month. The two comes with no action. For Alissa though, I mustn't have any sell wall
  14. I hope all traders that have funds trapped in this exchange will get their funds back irrespective of their KYC status. I hope they get interest on their trapped funds too as it's possible Cryptopia used their find to trade
  15. Southxchange? I expect announcements like this to be more detailed. What's the trading and withdrawal fees? We can compare to know of a truth that is very low. How many coins and base pairs are on this exchange?
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