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Fire Faucet

Service for earning crypto. 30 minutes faucet, autofaucet and a lot of ways for earn! With levels and rewards system!

Earning on the site:

1. Faucet

2. Short links

3. Serfing

4. Tasks

5. AutoFaucet

6. Progress

7. Level rewards


Need captcha, you can roll every 30 minutes, payments from 1 to 5000 Claim Ponts!

The higher your level, the more you pay



Take 50 Claim Points and 10 lvl points for every 8 seconds watching!


Short Links:

Earn 50 Claim Points and 10 lvl points for clicking on each of the links!



Earn 10000 Claim Points for every task!



Earn 1 lvl points and 15 satoshi every minute!



Earn 1000 Claim points and 1000 Satoshi for every progress!


Level rewards:

Take 10 Satoshi for second level and +2 Satoshi for all subsequent!



From 100 doge on faucetpay.


Also, the site has a unique and very nice design, I advise everyone to use it as the main faucet!







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Thank you for sharing. I know this site and i already tried it, it's a good faucet because they really paying but they paying small amount. Am not interested with faucets anymore because for now am just trading.

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