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  1. Bitcoin is used by much people all over the world which that can be the reason for it to perform well in long time. Ethereum can have successful like bitcoin because is gain much users also.
  2. I want to grow with cryptotalk forum also because my plan is to reach the senior level and i will be more than happier member. It is very hard but i believe i will do it.
  3. Yes mate, more topics more reputations because when a topic become useful much members will give you reputations for sure. If you will not write many topics you will not get much reputations.
  4. We have a referral section where we can share referral links mate, but also we can share referral link in signature but make sure you go to the about page and read signature rules first.
  5. You know i like cryptocurrency because there is freedom to use it because they are not like fiat currency mate. We earn profit by trading even at home or anywhere we want.
  6. No mate i think there is no any cryptocurrency that will rival bitcoin in the future. But ethereum coin will go very far because it has good blockchain but i do not know if will compete bitcoin.
  7. No mate a faucet can not make you rich for sure. That faucet which paid 5 bitcoins to their people i think they regret now because they have make a giveaway which is large in the world.
  8. My main goal in cryptocurrency is to learn trading and later i will make a lot of money to help people with hunger and disability. I am not tired in learning because i know i am investing for the future.
  9. By making research you will know the right cryptocurrency to buy. You can make research on the internet by looking price in the coinmarketcap and you can also research by asking the experts.
  10. This is my method to by cryptocurrency mate. I deposit money from bank to payeer account and then i deposit the payeer balance to yobit. After there i can have balance in yobit platform in USD and i buy any cryptocurrency that i want.
  11. We have much ways to buy bitcoins like that you have mentioned but when we are buying we have to be careful because there are fake platforms they lie to sell bitcoin in lower price so they can scam us.
  12. For sure mate. If he will do many trades he will earn high profit. Thanks for explain
  13. Thank you mate for explaining this. I am a day trader and i do not trading arbitrage because you must have much money to earn much profit. My friend is an arbitrage trading and he trade $5000 to earn $100.
  14. No mate i think Eth can reach $1000 in next year because because now Eth price has not reach $400 and we remain few month to enter another year. In the coming year Eth will reach very very far price.
  15. That is perfect way to get trading experience mate. The first day i started trading i was started with small money too because i needed to get experience first. For now i can trade well because i have already get experience.
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