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  1. Thank you. I will do some research about this. I have never used HitBTC but i just like to know different exchanges and wallets and that why i asked. Thank you for replying.
  2. Yes mate Blockchain is one of the best wallets and i am happy to use it. There are many people who are talking bad about blockchain and i really don't know why!!!!!! Because i never face any difficulties using it.
  3. It is really sad to hear you lost your funds, maybe there are some hackers who attacked your account because three times is not a normal thing. You can just report this problem to Trust wallet client support team so that they can help you.
  4. I know Pi network. You can mobile those coins in a mobile device very easily and they are safe for our mobiles. I was using that app when i had a good mobile but now i don't use it because i have a mobile with small ram.
  5. @BTC Future I'm sorry sir, is hitbtc a bad exchange or what is the problem? Your answer looks like it has a large meaning and that is why i asked for your explanations about hitbtc if you won't mind. 😇
  6. Yes you can share them because we have a special category of coins and tokens where you can share any details about coins and tokens. Just make sure to writ a legit information that follows the forum rules.
  7. Yes i am very satisfied with this new payment system because i believe in Talktokens. The moderators said we can trade them presumably in September, and maybe we can earn more from Talktokens and that is why i like this new system.
  8. Maybe we can benefit Cryptotalk forum by following all rules and writing meaningful posts that will increase the value of our forum. When we can do that many people will leave good reviews for our forum.
  9. The smallest unit of Binance coin is BNB but Doge Coin has no a specific name for their smallest unit. But for suggestions maybe we can call "Dosato" every crypto coin small units ends with "toshi" but we can make Doge coin unique and call it "Dosato"
  10. I like xrp more than any other coins because i can easily earn profit with xrp than any other coins which i invest with them. Xrp are very cheap so i can buy many of them at lower price $0.2 and sell them at higher price of $0.3 and earn a lot of profit.
  11. This will be very hard for doge. Doge is a popular and trusted coin but i don't think if it will even go near to bitcoin. Because even 10K doge thy are still not near to one bitcoin.
  12. Not all, some are intentional and some are not. There are some project will turn to scam after they fail to reach their profit target. But there are other projects will be developed only for scamming purpose.
  13. Altcoins (Alternative coins) are those crypto coins which came after their father Bitcoin. Popular altcoins like LTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and many many many more depends on bitcoin and that is why they can grow when BTC grows, and they can fall when BTC falls.
  14. Thank you for this topic, but i really don't have any problem right now. This is a good topic and i will save it so that i can write my problem here anytime when i face one.
  15. Scammers have many ways to steal that is completely true and i hate them a lot. There are many people who hates crypto currencies because of scammers and sometimes some will see you as a scammer when you talk about bitcoin in public.
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