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  1. If you store your bitcoin in an unsafe and bad wallet, the people who created the fake wallet will steal your bitcoin. Therefore, be sure to search for the wallet you will use. Also, don't be fooled by the tricks of telegram bots. They resort to scam ways like if you send us 0.001 btc, we'll refund you 0.1 btc. If you don't believe in scams like this and that, your bitcoin will be safe.
  2. Talk token value has plummeted. 1 talk token 3 satoshi now. I do not take my talk token token earnings into account. The most important to me was the reputation payments. It would be very sad if reputation payments stopped. Because with talc tokens, we can earn a maximum of 0.50 cents a day. But my earnings were increasing thanks to reputation payments.
  3. I like your post and agree with what you have written. We must continue to write very resolutely on this forum. We shouldn't fall below 20 posts a day. If we write at least 20 posts, our earnings increase as well as our reputation. To earn reputation, we must be patient and respond to updated topics. When we respond to newly written topics, more people see our comments and we gain more reputations.
  4. We have to do a lot of research. We have to investigate everything. Before we can use a wallet, we must research it. We should research before using a website. We should read reviews online. We must definitely continue after we have enough information. The number of fraudsters is increasing day by day. Especially 99% of telegram bots are scam unfortunately. That's why you have to do a lot of research.
  5. You can read reviews online to learn about the legality of your wallet. To gather information about your wallet, you can both collect information from this forum and request written proof that your wallet is legitimate from its site. When I start using a wallet, I try to read every comment written about it. I use it when I see a lot of reviews that prove its legality.
  6. There are many identical topics in this forum and frankly I don't mind that. Every person can write about the same topic with their own thoughts. But if you really want to gain reputation, we should write useful topics like you said. We must have a title to attract people's attention. Even if you explain the subject in plain language, you will help many people understand. This gives you a positive reputation.
  7. Popular topics attract people's attention. Since it is popular, the number of people who want to comment is high. Even if it is a very old topic, the number of comments it receives attracts the attention of people. But in order for the forum to be more active, we must respond to useful topics and respond to each topic as much as we can. I like to comment on hot topics and new topics.
  8. Although Bitcoin was initially affected by the virus, as time passed, it became completely unaffected by the virus. In fact, when the virus was widespread all over the world (towards the end of 2020), bitcoin broke an incredible record in its own worth. After this record, he started the year 2021 badly. Then in 2021, this time it started to set new records, and its worth exceeded $ 62,000. This is proof that bitcoin is more popular in the virus and its investor is growing more in the virus. People chose cryptocurrencies to invest due to bitcoin's profit margin.
  9. I think we are at the stage of saying goodbye to paper money right now. I have hardly used any paper money this month. I've always paid for the card. I paid with either a QR code or contactless. The use of paper money has declined both for me and in the world. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it is much easier for me to pay with a debit card. This situation accustomed people to pay by card rather than paper money. After the corona virus, people started to use online payment or card payment method.
  10. I am giving positive reputation to support everyone as much as I can. Every topic I posted has people's efforts, so I give reputation. I do not give positive reputation to people who promote scam websites or write their topic too short. We have to make this forum better. Everyone should support each other. In this way, everyone's reputation increases and everyone gets paid more.
  11. Thank you my friend for giving this information. I didn't know there were such low fees on Ripple. I have previously shot as Litecoin, Waves and Tron. We pay a 10TRX fee for Tron. We pay a fee of 0.002 W for Waves. These are also very low fees. I said if you want to shoot with these coins as well. As you said, we have to pay a very high fee to withdraw coins such as bitcoin and eth to another wallet.
  12. Thanks for the information you provided. Long-term trading in this regard always has the potential to earn you much more. If you have an impatient personality you will not be able to trade long term. When you choose a long-term trading plan, you run the risk of panic selling when the value of the coin you invested in drops. So for long-term trading you have to be either very patient or very experienced.
  13. I don't think cryptocurrencies will literally replace national currencies. Because national currencies are an important part of each country. States can support cryptocurrency, but take action against it when it approaches the national currency. In addition, now all of our payments are paid either by QR code or by credit card contactless. The use of cryptocurrencies has become widespread as everything is starting to go online.
  14. Moderators are doing their best to make this forum perfect. They just want us to follow the rules. We must follow the rules to make this forum better, where we develop ourselves and earn money. When you examine the rules, you realize that there aren't really hard rules. So let's read the rules carefully and follow them. If nobody wants to be banned from this forum, they should be careful with the rules.
  15. 200I love working in this forum. You have made an interesting point. I love it. Since each reputation in this forum costs 200 satoshi, if we write a very high quality topic, we will gain a lot of reputation. This gives us satoshi. Even if we get paid for 10 reputations a day, it is very difficult for us to earn 1 btc. In the past, maybe 1 btc could be earned in 9 years, but now you cannot earn this amount if you work for years. It also makes sense to use this forum to fund
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