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  1. Website | Whitepaper | Security Audit | Telegram Follow Us: TWITTER: REDDIT: DISCORD: TELEGRAM:
  2. Website Supply: Circ.*: 2 786 409 Total: 13 012 390 Max: 21 000 000 Tracker GitHub Manual mining instructions, windows and linux wallets, daemon, request in the telegram group Wallets Windows wallet Mac wallet Journey BLUE PAPER SKC Exchanges SkeinCurrency Blockchain Explorer TEST SkeinCurrency Mining Pool Website Ecosystem
  3. WEBSITE | TWITTER | DISCORD | EXPLORER | GITHUB | WHITEPAPER The world of masternoding continues to expand and evolves it's great aspects as for node enthusiasts or for new commers. Insigthing the great possibilities in one platform to make masternoding life easier and top notch accesibility. Every single one of us has the whole right to have the right tool with straight forward point of funcinalities We unite for the mission of the platform, all might think it is just a platform to make money, but for us it is more than the money that is involved on this part, we honestly want to be bold when it comes with the project's mission, digging more on the mission part it is all about the community comfort in making their assets to grow in a not so complex or complicated way, we want as much as possible to find you ways or better said to maximize your profits from multiple assets and managed in a single platform. ACCESS DEMO COIN SPECIFICATIONS CoinName: OWLCoin Ticker: OWLC CoinType: Masternode/PoS Blocktime : 60 seconds / 1 minute Max Supply: 38,000,000 OWLC Premine: 150,000 OWLC Staking Age: 1 Hour Coin Maturity: 10 Blocks Masternode Initial Collateral: 1000 OWLC Masternode Share: 90% Staking Share: 10% Port: 21091 Rpc: 21092 REWARD TABLE visit to view reward scheme and premine distribution JOIN US ON DISCORD!
  4. Greetings and many happy returns for the new year. In this game, up to 100 players are gambling on who has more resources. Players can make a bet or raise their bet at any time. The game ends when 144 bitcoin blocks have passed without a raise. This will take appoximately one day. The player who has contributed the most money to the pot at the end of the game wins the whole pot, minus a 2% fee for the host. In the case of tie, funds are distributed equally and any fractional remainder is left with the host. My host can be found at as well as a link to the source code. We hope you enjoy!
  5. Greetings and many happy returns for the new year. is a simple auction website where 98% of each bid for the prize is added to the prize. Each auction ends after 144 blocks have passed without a bid. In the case of a tie, funds are distributed equally to the winning bidders and any fractional remainder is left with the host. We hope you will enjoy the auctions.
  6. Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Github | Wallets | Explorer » Price is calculated with several factors: • Demand market for good POW coin • Speed of our chain (which is bigger than most other Ethereum forks) • Presence of software for mining Ethash algorithm • Quality of project (crew experience, legal company presence, other chained projects with AVES) • Block reward which is 3 AVS per block (and 5% going to Eco funds, that mean block reward is 2.85 AVES) • Also if the price is under a minimum of 2 dollars there will not be any earnings for miners
  7. Calling all stations! 🚀SpaceXpanse ROD is now closing on the competition with 1 day to go and we really have a chance to get it listed at Exbitron this round. But we need your help NOW to pour some votes there if you're still eager our project to succeed.💰 Just go to and follow the instructions there.
  8. Help a cause together with the community. We are planning to arrange polls periodically with the help of the Smart Contract to determine what the raised funds are used for. Shape the purpose of the token Yourself. Voting on the blockchain This is the first token to use the decentralized approach to organize the whole voting procedure. We plan to make this approach adoptable to any real life application that needs voting to be secure. With the immutable behavior of the blockchain, all the procedures happening within the Smart Contract ensures transparency and security. This Smart Contract implementation helps us to defeat manipulations of the voting to give every poll option and participant a fair and even playing field. We don't have to rely on a third party implementation of storing the data for voting, the blockchain controls everything and even the procedure of the voting is hard coded, can't be modified after launch. • Anonymous voting • Votes are stored decentralized on blockchain • Votes are stored immutably • Vote results are stored immutably on the blockchain • Vote results are stored historically on the blockchain • Votes are counted after the poll is closed to avoid manipulations with the holdings Vote counting begins immediately after closing. Every wallet address can participate in the voting, but the Voting Power calculations are happening at the counting. Voting Power Every wallet address with a vote has a Voting Power which is calculated from the Deopto holdings of the wallet. The Voting Power calculations are happening after the poll is closed. To successfully participate in the voting, wallets need to have at least 0.001% of holdings. With this amount of holdings the wallet has a voting power of 1. The system rewards wallets with more holding on a square root based scale, so early on you get much more Voting Power with a certain amount of holding increase but it slows down approaching the ceiling. For the maximum effect the ceiling is at 1% holdings with 300 Voting Power and after 1% the Voting Power is NOT increasing anymore staying at 300. Learn more about Deopto on our website Tokenomics and Transaction Fees Official Links ℹ️ Website: ℹ️ Whitepaper: ℹ️ BscScan: ℹ️ Discord invitation:
  9. SpaceXpanse ROD is proudly added to Delta Direct service:, so now you can follow all the project's development in one place -
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