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  1. Hello friend this site is best for free earnings. You can earn here guarenteed. All you have to do is posts comments usefull comments in 100 characters you will earn 1000 satoshi for it. Maximum 30k satoshi you can earn from here on daily basis.
  2. Well if you want to earm a healthy amount online then this plateform is best its giving us 1000 satoshi per post. And 30000 satoshi per day. There are more sites which pays you satoshi but not this much. Other site pay you 10 satoshi , 30 satoshi per click or claim.
  3. Hello everyone as we all know that bitcoin is the most valueble coin the crypto marke, but there are also lots of dead coin. Begginer tend to collect all kind of crypto currencies and lot of them are already dead. So i would suggest that collect only top 10 crypto currencies. And save your time.
  4. Bitcoin prices fluctuates due to the demand of the market. Bitcoin is the most valuable coin worth over 10000 us dollar at present. When the demand of bitcoin increses its price rise and when the demand are low then its prices fall.
  5. Hello my fellow mates. The first ever crypto currency was bitcoin. It was created in 2009 and at that time its value was around 0.02 dollar. And today we have over 25000+ crypto currecies around the globe.
  6. Well i don't think so that ripple will become world worlds new currency. Its value is still under 1dollar. So how it could become worlds cirrency. Even bitcoin won't achieve this feet because any government won't just replace its local currency with crypto currencies.
  7. Hello im from india. And over 5 million idians hold crypto currencies assets worth thousands of crore( INR). But in april 2019 indian reserve bank declared ban on all kinds of crypto currencies. But peer tp peer transaction is still legal.
  8. Hello i have completed over 270 posts and im so happy that i have earned over 200k satoshi from here. Now im looking for trade and also looking to invest. And want to get more profits out of it.
  9. Create unique and importanr topic of your own. Try to use easy words and sentences. Also make sure that it is easily understandable. Do not repeat the topics that are already been posted.
  10. Yes i knew about crypto currencies worth has gone past 300$ billion mark and also about bitcoins domination but when i checked bitcoin was dominating at 62% , that was also decreased from 70%. And its value is over 10k US dollar at present. But about dead coins i had no idea brother..thank you so much informing the community.
  11. No it won't affect either of your acconts. Forum is against the similar IP address with multiple accounts. Location of a device doesn't matter if you are in same house or same area. But never use same wifi connection i think it can lead your accounts to ban.
  12. Crypto currency is a 24x7 working market so there prices fluctuates every second. If you do a little research you will find tat there are optimal time for crypto trading. According to expert 9am to 5pm prices of bitcoins are high. You can search on google if you want to.
  13. Well im new here so i won't be investing right away wothout any experience and without any knowledge. Im just earning daily satoshi by commenting and posting topic. But in future i will definately invest in crypto currency.
  14. Well a friend reffered me this plateform and im liking this plateform a lot. I have completed my 100 comments challenge and now im earning here dailly. I have earned over 150k satoshi from this plateform. Im really thankfull to this plateform for offering satoshi. And also in the past days i have learned a lot about crypto currency and its benefits.
  15. Yes i checked the plateform and it has referal code. You can reffer your code , and you will receive 20% commision for every trade that your refferal link will make. So if anyone is introducing yobit to someone make sure to share your refferal code with them.
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