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  1. Well i don't know much about legit sites , but i will suggest yobit , wazir x these are two which i use to invest my coins and money. Other are binance , bittrex.
  2. Yes i agree , that now its time that we can exchange bitcoin in some stable coins like USDT , bitcoin is around $9k right now , so it is a very good amount , well I'm exchanging my satoshi to usdt. Coz we don't know what will happen after the bull run.
  3. Yes , tether is one of the most stable coin , and it is growing too fast in the market , even in a crisis time like this tether is stable and growing strongly ,
  4. Yes i heard too about this news but , i think russia was also going to create their own crypto , but for some reason this project is on hold or completely shut down , no ome knows , now about china , knowing them i think they will use their crypto only in their country or in other word its for their citizens only.
  5. Hello dear friends , well this a problem which existed since the existence of bitcoin , scammers are everywhere , and only thing we can do is avoid and be cautious , and do not share our private keys , and do not get invole in unknown links.
  6. Hello friend , yes bitcoin talk does pay , but not as cryptotalk. In bitcointalk you have reach a certain level , bitcoin talk is a legit site and it pays genuinly but only to few who have reached that ceratin rank. But here in cryptotalk ,its not like bitcointalk. You can earn same as any other other members of the forum.
  7. Well as a begginer i started to collect free satoshi or to earn satoshi online , and kept them , then started learning about trading and investment , about airdrops these are some tips i would pass to my fellow members. Im telling this as im a biggener too.
  8. Hello my friend i am absolutely agree with you , lot of people ask how to create a usefull topic , so the answer is simple , that you have to observ and read the contents of others to get the knowledge and idea about creating a topic.
  9. Hello my friend and i think it is a very good and usefull thought that you have shared with us. Even i noticed people asking about yobit exchamge and algorithm , it would be better if this forum makes a section entirely dedicated to yobit exchange , it would also promote them , which is their prime objective.
  10. Well we can trust Binanve coin as it is supported by binance itself. It is not in top 10coin of crypto world. But it is a reliable and very potentially coin for heavy profit. Also i would suggest you guys to keep eye on hive coin.
  11. Hello fellow dear mates , well the content count here is total number of posts that you have created here in this cryptotalk forum , and it never reduces, and posts count in yobit is the number of usefull content you have given to the plateform or in word they acknowledged your posts or topic as usefull and for the number of posts you will recieve your payments.
  12. Well brother agree with you and according to me the first thing which begginers should know is rules of this forum , newbies tend to avoid the rules and get themselve banned.
  13. Well if you want avoid your posts getting deleted then you have to choose your topic very carefully create a very unique topic , or comment in only usefull topic , don't post your commemt in begginers section, stop commenting in repeatitive topic , but then you will hardly find more then 10 post per day to comment , so just comment i topics which you think you can give your opinion on. Now the deletion of posts also have been reduced.
  14. Hello mate , i will be very honest and im in the catogery of knowlege and earning , only reason to join this forum was to earn money and with time and got little knowlegde abour trading and other stuff and now also seek knowledge about investment, so that i can have even more profit.
  15. Hello mate , and no there is not a single legit site like cryptotalk , you can find legit site which pays you btc but not like cryptotalk , cryptotalk pays huge 30k satoshi per day and there not single site which pays you this much. Other site have lot of requirements too , like certain level of rank to get paymenys or to perform some tasks whos wages are too low in compate to cryptotalk. So mate i would suggest you to stick with this cryptotalk forum work here and you will get good amount profit. Evwn the price of btc has gone passed 9k dollar so work here you can easily make around 3dollar per day by just posying 30 posts here
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