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  1. In case the person need the bitcoin transaction to be completed fast, he can use some wallets like electrum to pump the fee in which will attract miners to include it in a block as faster. Or if the person want to make another transaction, he can use child pay for parent for it in which the two transactions (child and parent) will be confirmed at the same time.
  2. You can not just expect what may not happen, expecting bitcoin at such high price may not be possible this year. But, nobody can predict what the price of bitcoin could be. Let us just know how we can do it in a way no matter what, we will not lose. But with time, presumably next year, bitcoin price could reach all time high.
  3. I believe you do not trade at all, if you have traded before, you will know how day trading is very risky. Swing traders are patient and are the ones gaining the money day traders use to trade. That is why swing traders are the ones that are being getting successful if compared to day traders. Most people that lose to trading are day traders.
  4. I will not dive much into explaining the bitcoin transaction fee, I have made a topic about that recently. You can use the link below to check that: But today, I want to differentiate between the bitcoin address types. There are three types of bitcoin addresses: 1. Legacy These address start with 1. See example below, they are the old form of bitcoin address. And they are referred to as P2PKH 1LB8PpVae34m4vCaKkBDkioE948VNbKRfW 2. Nested segwit These are addresses that started with 3. See example below. On many wallets like Coinomi, they are referred to as compatible addressed. That are P2SH addresses. 3LrsEmgWnDydgWzP8rLyiozrWn37tQrxQz 3. Native segwit These are the real segwit addresses,they are called sigwit address because of its segregated witness that led to the creation of such addresses in 2017 which was supported by bitcoin community. See example below. They stated with bc1 and are called bech32 addresses. bc1qnmyjf3reqz38q0wwaqqn5pvzmv9c0sq85zgf4q The point Normally, transacrion fee is in satoshi per byte for legacy and nested segwit addresses because the transaction is calculated using the transaction size. Unlike native segwit, the transaction fee is more reduced than while using other addresses for transaction. But this only apply to while sending bitcoin from native segwit addresses to another native segwit addresses. The transaction is not also calculated in size but in weight and calculated in satoshi per vbyte.
  5. With time, good posters that have high ranks will be given some power but it may be different from what we can think. Let us leave admin to this, they have the right and best thinking mindset about this forum, that is why the forum is still good up till today. Let us expect ranked members to have certain qualities in the future after fulfilling certain criteria.
  6. And reporting is now made easy, we can use the report button which is at the right side of the post we want to report. Even, I always think moderators will like people reporting spam and shit posters. That is good. Some people are not here for two things than money. The so called bitcointalk is now even hard because people like to spam. Before anyone can be accepted into a company, the person would have learned about the company and prepare for an interview. Also anyone that wants to make money here should have the requirements to be here before posting. They should learn about cryptocurrencies in general before posting. Reporting is the best option now.
  7. @Ammara bano If you can remember a crash in bitcoin price in May, 2020 some days before halving. When bitcoin price was at $9800 on coinmarketcap but in less than 15 minutes crash to $8200. It was stopping loss that helped me to convert my bitcoin to tether. I would have lost more.
  8. Dice game is not similar to gambling, it is the same as gambling, so it is completely gambling. All I have noticed too is that dice game on yobit depends on luck, I use only 1000 satoshi to play it which is the lowest amount you can use to play it. Many people play it not because they want but because of the coins they invested on yobit investbox. But some people too play it for fun and some people for money earning means.
  9. @rekter In my opinion, I will say yes. Just foundation list the project in the whitening list which makes it even difficult for people to predict or determine the project to be scam. There can be upcoming scam project that will have an exit scam just like this.
  10. The bitcoin ATMs in the world has surpass 10000, as of the time I am writing this post, there are over 10,115 crypto ATMs in the world. This year, 2020 alone, there has been an increase in crypto ATM adoption. Over 3000 ATMs were added this year alone and many to come before the year will end.
  11. All I have noticed is that many countries in Asia do not like crypto and they ban it, they did not look at the positive site that cryptocurrencies can help a nation but they are filled with the wrong thinking. Think cryptocurrencies can not help a nation but they are wrong. I hope Iran will legalize it but under probability.
  12. So far we have fiat and also crypto, both should be alternatives in order to get the best results and income. Although, as for me, i only make use of crypto as an income but working towards using fiats too which I see both as the best way of making money for now.
  13. It depends on the type of short term trading. And some people do not make use of stop loss at all as they only view the disadvantages. But, normally, stop losing is not for long term trade like investing as you said, only for short term trading. But for the short term trading, it can even still lead to either gain or loss for people.
  14. Some are not fake but even the price if the coin will remain to be low and they are called shitcoins. Some are scam as scam can be. Many of them will instruct someone to pay ether into certain address, some have malware links, some steal kyc from people to be used in a phishing attack.
  15. This require some sort of calculations, and also depends on the mempool. If you are not also in haste, you can use low transactions fee. If the mempool is not congested, you will see the transaction confirmed in minutes to hours. I use 15 satoshi/vbyte which can take less than 3 hours before confirmation. But, if the mempool is congested, I do not make transaction in such time.
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