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  1. спасибо ,исправил. что-то странная атака - повыключать уведомления. у меня за ночь со счетчика слетело в минус целых 22 сообщения , может это тоже результат хакерской атаки?
  2. Ethereum has enough shortcomings. One of them is a possible control of the authorities. One of the reasons for the rapid growth of Ethereum is the interest of white business and authorities, this is bad, because to maintain its status, Ethereum will have to become completely transparent and controlled by the authorities
  3. The most promising coin in 2020 will be Bitcoin. In May, after a halving, its price will rise. If you look at price changes since the beginning of this year, then by the end of 2020 we will trade bitcoin at 20,000.
  4. An experienced trader does not need to write posts for 30,000 Satoshi per day. An experienced trader will easily earn more! But while there is no experience, writing texts about crypto is also not bad.
  5. When all the bitcoins are generated, the price will be cosmic! because it will happen in 100 years. then all these years crypto will live and develop! Demand will drive the price up.
  6. 20% growth in 2020 is encouraging. But most importantly, all other cryptocurrencies have also risen in price! If you recall halving in May, then the price of 20,000 by the end of the year is quite real.
  7. I will add to this rating a YO coin from the YoBit exchange. This coin provides many benefits to owners. YO owners get the best investment plans and profitable airdrops.
  8. Getting paid in bitcoins today is promising. But since the cost of bitcoin is constantly growing, not a single employer will do it. but everyone can invest in bitcoin themselves!
  9. This is not about a cash reward! China will use crypto as a thank you. and the blockchain accounting system will replace the personal files of military personnel.
  10. Of course, those people who have known about the existence of bitcoin for 11 years are experienced and wealthy people. but in the world there are a lot of people who do not know anything about crypto. That is why crypto has not yet replaced fiat.
  11. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. therefore, only the market controls the falls and rises of its value! Supply and demand are factors affecting the price!
  12. At the beginning of 2020, all cryptocurrencies show impressive growth. I hope that the whole year will pass under the sign of the bulls! There is a reason for this - it is halving in May 2020.
  13. The USA and without cryptocurrencies live very well! You can understand their slowness in accepting crypto. But they will have to legalize cryptocurrencies when the rest of the country begins to receive super profits from crypto.
  14. I think most people come to crypto to become rich. And nobody will take this hope away from us. 80% of all bitcoins have already been mined. naturally its value will increase!
  15. That is, to give someone the opportunity to control bitcoin? Control all transfers? Control and determine its value? No. Let the police work harder.
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