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  1. First of all thanks for sharing this kind of information. If you want to earn a profit then you have to adopt a strategy . If the price of any currency is increasing then sell them to earn a good amount. And if it's price is decreasing then wait to achieve your target and sell them. I am aslo monitor the market price of these currencies to earn a good profit.
  2. @Jaafar Fahad Hassantrue words my friend. I have seen many people at this forum ,who are doing very well by creating the posts and topics. But they even received the negative reputation by the members. And it's not good for the members. In this way he will be discouraged. So the moderaters must take action against them who gave them negative ratings without any reason.
  3. Thanks for sharing this information my friend. Most if the sites are fraud and fake and they didn't pay us of any kind. But I will suggest you the site from where you can generate a good profit. Like the minning devices and graphics cards for this purpose. But it needs the high energy power supply for it.
  4. True words my friend ,I agree with your opinion that every profit or success don't depends on luck. Actually it requires your hard work , effort , struggle to succeed And also in trading and investment you have to monitor the market price throughly every hours otherwise it's quite risky for you.
  5. Thanks for this kind of information . At this world of technology we can easily earn a good amount by online working on the internet. And I have also been worked in many sites for the last couple of years. But the cryptotalk inspired me the most . And I am earning a good amount from this forum.
  6. I think to get some knowledge and introduce it to the forum is vmbest fo all the members . So I think the cryptotalk writer I want to become. So that many people can be get awareness about this cryptotalk world.
  7. Yes that's the thing which the people doesn't believe that the cryptotalk currencies is paying. Off course it I a paying and I am getting a good amount by making the posts simply.
  8. @Mark wood I think it's a great platform for earning and bring your friend and best friends to this forum to get knowledge about the blockchain of the cryptotalk. And also it's a good platform for earning as well as learning. I am also learning a lots of things from the members and from different sections also. So why are you waiting and try your luck
  9. First of all thanks my friend for this kind of information. I don't think that they had updated their data on the yobit. And the payment will be starts after the 100 useful posts . So keep doing work to achieve success.
  10. I totally agreed with your opinion you mentioned above. That knowledge is lead to the success no doubt. And this platform is best to spend as much time as possible and to earn a good profit. Also I am getting experience and knowledge ,this will help me to deals in trading to achieve good profit.
  11. In my point of view there are already many section for earning methods at this forum like the bounties section. And like the minning, airdrops and faucets all these are the earning sections my friend.
  12. Yes my friend this kind of problem may be occurred at this forum and will be fixed at some time. And we always has a feared that the compaign has ended and they will not paid again.
  13. My friend it's very difficult to predict the market price of Bitcoin and also others digital currencies . Some of the factors effects the price of these currencies. But I think the price will be exceed more than 13000$ soon . Thanks for the topic.
  14. I think it's not a big issue and don't worry about that. This problem is happening for last few days. And may be the price will be fixed again. And wait my friend the balance of the Bitcoin will be send soon
  15. I think these are the many good points ,and I found a number of members who sent the beneficial posts in one section. So it's not acceptable ,they should be delivered in more than one section these kinds of posts.
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