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  1. In this you are wanting to distinguish between goof and bad coins that is amazing information for us to work on it for those that are best for overall and benifical for us.
  2. Bitcoin have the power of lead but the few statements against the cryptocurrencies from many famous companies and their CEOs that is horrible for cryptocurrencies so it will require to recover.
  3. That is cool thing and have the ability to become a patience person and not hurry to get quicker results and wants you should have the patience to get your targets and ambitions.
  4. Starting time is too much hard for everyone beacuse no one can believe on this forum of currency that is not exist in the fiscal.
  5. That is the good feature to invest your cryptocurrencies on your investmen and earn profit from it that is extraordinary profit that you get from here.
  6. Bitcoin will also be used for Black market, because the blockchain is anonymous and it is untraceable, this make those devilish mind to take over the advantage in bitcoin.
  7. I join crypto work or community at the end one 2020 it is my first place to lean about Cryptocurrency on the cryptotalk that is very useful after the learning I see many exchanger to Learn.
  8. Cryptocurrencies are save or not when you hold them with proper security then you will be save other wise you loss your money.
  9. Cryptocurrency is the type of currency that is designed to work online and it does not exist in the real world it is imagine value you can hold mines and earn after sell of them.
  10. Dear when some thing produce then the market also generate for those purpose for example when you produce food ethems then you go to the market then sell or purchase.
  11. Dear it is not a big issue that will be deleted by the moderator so you should try to create good and useful post on the cryptotalk then your post cannot be deleted.
  12. Absultly right every one want to find easy and short cut way to become rich they will become fail they should work hard and learn then they will become succeed.
  13. Better and clean way to learn about Cryptocurrency is the way of learning in the platform is cryptotalk that is the real and major way to learn about Cryptocurrency with out pay anything.
  14. It consists of mines and too much small block chain every miners and block chain required some time to transit so it will take time to transit.
  15. My strategy of buying cryptocurrencies are not different from others and have the most near from others my policy of buying then the prices fallen then purchase.
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