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  1. Yes you are right, crypto users usually do not sleep or live a normal life as other people do because they are more addicted to this new technology, so in some countries people use crypto because they are banned in those countries and they always think. Maybe they can go to jail I use cryptocurrency myself, so I am always careful and I have spent my life on my own, so I spend all my time and I try to be good so you should try the same.
  2. You are right in saying that different countries around the world are attracting more and more business organizations and sites to pay and accept, and they are being given the benefit of using it. Many countries have not yet recognized this. Should be given and this will increase the number of users and its volatility will be very low And I think people will benefit more from using it and they can easily make money from one country to another or from one place to another
  3. Your information is an important point and I think many people will benefit from it. Yes I think the cryptocurrency has gone through this phase and we are living in the days of the revolution and I think cryptocurrency will be needed more than ever before and we benefit greatly from it. What we are currently using for them all together and I think that is the key is how people will accept it and I think where usage will never decrease and the number of users is increasing day by day.
  4. Thank you for talking about this very important topic and thank you so much for knowing this post and I have benefited a lot from it. I also think technically Bitcoin is a very advanced currency and Ethereum is a very advanced currency for transaction. I think that as a result of continuous development, more and more people are getting more and more human As a means of their main transaction
  5. I think doggy coins are one of the other popular coins right now so I think investing right now is not as good as it is currently much lower but I do not have a good idea as to whether it will be more expensive in the future. This request is currently not the best for you and I would love to know if you are using Bitcoin. If you can invest in the future to benefit this is the right decision for you can take a better profit you
  6. Yes you say right I want Bitcoin to become a strong currency If we can start using Bitcoin like other currencies in every place, and take transactions in all countries, then I think that the price of bitcoin will go up and it will turn into a strong currency that will never turn into a volatile currency. I think there is still a possibility of diminishing, but when it starts to use it well T would prove to be a stable currency and a lot of it will impact people's lives
  7. I have often invested in this digital asset for the past two years and I think investing in digital currency The easiest thing to do is income from here but I don't understand why you should be concerned. The reason must be specific because if you have any problems, I will definitely solve you and I think it is not safe for newcomers to come . I agree that there are a lot of fake offers available on these platforms, so investors Digital resources to invest in a second and I'll tell you, I think it's safe to say
  8. I think if you express your own opinion here, you will definitely get a reply to your post and where people are, there are important comments. I also think that there are many people who do not reply to the post but they feel that they do not need to reply to this post but if you get a good knowledge of the particular topic and see the post here, then you must try to reply to it. I think we all have to post important and constructive posts here so I can benefit from this and other can be able to benefit
  9. I also think that nothing is impossible in that currency market. Everything can be here. If the market goes strong then a currency can gain 10000% here and maybe it can be ruined. So I think we should share our opinion here Your thoughts and my thoughts will never be the same here, and I also think that we who invest in the world of crypto Currency Invest I think they hope to gain here
  10. Yes I think that in order to be safe in this forum I should prove myself as the best poster in this forum because if I can benefit people I will consider my life a blessing and I think that if I make an important post in this forum then this forum. Users will benefit greatly from my posts and they will be able to comment on these posts as a result Let me share my own views on this forum and I would urge you all to do ..
  11. Why you are asking for permission to lock your topics I can see no reason behind this as I think that all those who spammers are trying to do spamming here and there are deprived of this site cannot post so I think you have this issue. There is no reason to be afraid you can stay away from us and I think if the moderators delete your post ..its good for you
  12. I don't know the reason for this, but I also think that they have a lot to contribute to this site and they have a very good role to play in this regard, so I think it's important for them to be in this forum because they are benefiting through the users of the forum to make many important posts. I could not see their chaos for a while so I thought maybe they would come back to this forum.
  13. yes .I think there are many topics in this forum that are not related to any category, and I think if you look at the different sections you will understand better about them and I think they do not help anyone, so these posts are especially useful to admins. I think they should be monitored and set aside for posting them
  14. If you want to buy some old Facebook pages with 50K likes, contact me because I have some one year old Facebook pages that each have 50k likes so I think I can sell it to you so if you contact me you might Can be profitable but I will sell the facebook pages at a great price
  15. Since you are new to this forum, I think you have no idea about trading. Trading is one of the means of earning in the world and you can earn thousands of dollars in one day, but of course you have to be experienced and you have a lot of knowledge about it. I think that good traders are always looking for ways to earn from here so I think you are one You are doing a lot of good thinking and if you want to learn trading, let me know so I can teach you trading
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