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  1. Sujon33

    Trust wallet

    Thanks for sharing a lot of good information with us about the Trust wallet.It's very good for storing cryptocurrency and its security is very good
  2. There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets online, many of which are good.Coinbase and blockchain are among them and their security is much better
  3. There are many differences between a wallet and an exchanger.Wallet only used to store cryptocurrency.You can store and trading both in exchanger
  4. Sujon33

    Bitcoin wallets

    I do not use any of these two sites you are sharing to store cryptocurrency.I use Coinbase to store cryptocurrency and its security is very good and its easy to use.
  5. I use Coinbase and Trust wallet among the wallets you mention.These two wallets are very good to me and their security is very good
  6. Sujon33

    Qoinpro wallet

    I know nothing about quinpro because I have never used it and have no idea about it.But I will try to find out about it and then inform you
  7. Sujon33

    Math Wallet

    I don't know anything about mathwallet myself, if you have any, please share with us.I think this is a new wallet so I know nothing about it
  8. Thanks for letting us know about crypto Cold storage.Through this post today I have gained some knowledge about it.I'll try to use this wallet to store cryptocurrency
  9. Coin Payment is a very good old wallet.There are many types of cryptocurrency stores in this wallet together.This ball is a very safe wallet
  10. If you want to know who give you reputation.You have one option to check it.You can check notifications to who give you reaction
  11. Welcome to Cryptotalk forums.This forum will pay you for every post.Your earnings will be add to the yobit exchanger.You must add you cryptotalk UID in yobit
  12. Giving small children an idea about bitcoin will be very difficult.Because it's normal for small children to know nothing about them
  13. I think the next 12 months will reduce the price of bitcoins by $ 14,000.Right now, the price of bitcoin has dropped a bit, hopefully within a few days then it will rise again
  14. I learned from a video about the crypto tab browser that it can earn bitcoin for free.By browsing this browser you can earn Bitcoin for free
  15. Currently, the price of Bitcoin is very low.I'm hoping that the price of bitcoin will rise in a few days.I don't think Bitcoin will surpass $ 20,000 in next year
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