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  1. This may be so but the price of altcoins has not risen much. I still believe if the price of bitcoin will rise for example to 30000-35000$, the price of altcoins will rise significantly too.
  2. Yes of course those years were good in terms of giveaways. Now if and where you can collect free coins is the bounty only of the company but most of them turns out to be a Scam.
  3. I as the tried to but particularly benefits not was. Firstly the signals were not notified in advance but only when the pump began and did not have time to buy at a low price. And secondly, trading volumes were small.
  4. Все верят в рост цены который возможно будет. А существовать он будет еще долго пока майнеры не найдут последний блок да и после этого тоже будет существовать но цена тогда возможна стабилизируются.
  5. At this time, mining on video cards is no longer profitable. And on the processor especially, and mining on the phone is in fact mining on the processor
  6. Возможно такой сигнал оповещает о конце роста цены определенной монеты, в таких случаях монету надо продавать. Возможно я ошибаюсь, но я так это понимаю.
  7. У меня возникает такое впечатление что все новые монеты которые появляются лишь для разового пампа, далее они умирают как правило. Редко какая монета из поздних выживает и закрепляется на рынке.
  8. In that year, indeed, all altcoins have grown. At the time I was collecting free NANOCoin and DEEPONIONCoin and the coins went up in value. Then I felt the power of the crypto world and still get in.
  9. I agree with you do not give in to emotions when trading cryptocurrencies. I know from bad experience. Sometimes it is necessary to tolerate to be in profit.
  10. In 2016, bought 98 XRP for 1.6$ and the price went up. When the price reached 2.9 i sold. This was one of the first and successful trades of the XRP coin. But since then, the coin has not had any more significant price increases.
  11. I first analyze the market for the last 5-6 days after that I wait for the lowest price that was during this period and buy the asset. I also act with the closure of the order.
  12. I keep most coins in developers ' desktop wallets whenever possible. I think it's a safer place. And with the help of private keys, I can always import the address into an online wallet.
  13. I have not received the verification in the blockchain BTC wallet. But there were drops that required verification of blockchain wallet.
  14. In my opinion, the Public Key is the wallet address of a particular cryptocurrency for the Deposit. A Private key is the key to access the wallet
  15. Better of course blockchain is a reliable wallet and time-tested. Cryptonator in my opinion it is the exchange of cryptocurrency with the ability to store cryptocurrency. In any case it is better to use blockchain
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