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  1. The incentive for writers when they reach 100 posts is very interesting for everyone. But it doesn't mean we can spam with low contents. We still have to post and comment with high valuable content so readers get more knowledge. This is a win win situation, the forum will be known as a good forum, and the incentive will make the members post more and more valuable information.
  2. I would say patience is a goal stretcher, but we need other components like motivations, courage, learning attitude and stress breaker. It is not enough for us to be successful if we only rely on patience. During the failure, we need to motivate ourselves, need also to learn from the mistakes and avoid too much stress. We also need to have the courage to move on from every failures until we achieve our goals.
  3. At the moment I have Bitcoin as payment for my services. So for some time I never really buy from my bank account. People pay me with BTC, and I also send some to my partners, that is how my business running. Of course I am happy when I see the price is down, and buyers sending me BTC, and also happy when the price is up while I am going to pay my partners. How about the value investors? Maybe they will keep their coins until the price is back to 20K.
  4. I would love to see the stock market section in this forum. It can be placed in out of topic page, and even better if admin can also open some sub section below that stock market section based on every countries stock exchanges. This will enrich our knowledge, because from what I know, some of us have experiences and backgrounds in foreign exchanges, stock market exchanges and crypto trading. I am going to be happy to read more knowledge from those sections.
  5. You have to have tons of money, and become a whale, before you can profit from your low buying price and pump the coin, and then dump it when the retails starting to buy your coins. This is what the whales do, they buy crappy alt coins, then contact the pump and dump pimps, pay some fee and start making money. Any retails trying to make money, is nonsense. Only bookies, whales can do that.
  6. I have the same opinion with you. Rather than give negative evaluation, why don't we try to comment and inform the OP about rules of the games, and perhaps he could edit his questions, make it longer and more valuable for the readers. Nobody is perfect in this world, people make mistakes, especially newbies. If old members do the mistake, then we can give harder warning.
  7. Will more people using bitcoin during this economic crisis? The answer is nobody knows. 99% people do not know what cryptocurrency is. Will cryptocurrency become the sustainable currency without bank? Also, nobody knows that, because it is too early to summarize what is going to be in the future with this global pandemic. Bitcoin will stay where it is for now and ongoing. For those who can benefit cryptocurrencies by trading them, it will be their advantage to survive in the jobless situation.
  8. Bitcoin is all about dreaming. Some people dream that having 1 bitcoin will make him rich one day in the future. Some other, they use all transaction with bitcoin just to avoid taxes and footprint. Just remember the birth of bitcoin, what is the purpose of creating it, and how it develops to be the attractive currency for most deep web and dark web people who do not want to use money from the bank, because government can trace them.
  9. Wow to make 30 posts in 24 hours is amazing for me. I might be the slowest reader and writer, since I am here to add up more information for my brain, I will need to read more posts and comments, before I really write down some replies. So for me, it is okay to have time frame of posting comments or thread. We need to make this forum better each day.
  10. I would prefer Cryptotalk to have a telegram bot, because in the future who knows if Cryptotalk wants to develop something new besides the forum, then it would be nice to just launch it inside the telegram. I am dreaming to see rating, rewards and payment via telegram too. I think using telegram is faster and easier than deploy individual app.
  11. I have been playing dice bet for more than one year. It is very addicting. I also play in some dice bet websites, and compare the speed, the loss streaks and strategies. If you don't like gambling, you don't have to try this dice bet because it can be so addictive that you may lose some money.
  12. The market is unpredictable, because the whales always make it volatile, pumping and dumping the price. For me personally, crypto is not a stable investment. The only coin that will stand the test of time is only Bitcoin, not the altcoins. If you want to store, please store BTC, if you want to invest, rather than invest in alt coins, it is more valuable to invest in BTC too. But nobody knows the future of cryptocurrencies. Remember 2017, a lot of people who bought at the peak, they never recover their loss.
  13. English is not my mother tongue, and I learned basic English from school, but mostly from the movies and videos. So my English is rather a street talking and full of bad grammar. In my opinion, as long as people can understand what I am talking about, I have no issue checking my grammar. I am not gonna be an English teacher anyway 🙂
  14. If one day I woke up and someone gave away his money for free, enough to buy a house in the city with 5 rooms, I will definitely buy a house, rather than crypto. I can rent the rooms and earn passive income from the rentals. Investing in crypto is a headache.
  15. I have been a victim of scam too many times, and lately I was scammed again when I tried to follow pump and dump crypto. This is really making me angry but I cannot blame anybody, except myself because I was a fool.
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