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  1. Everyone should be careful in dealing with this, specifically associating yourself with stocks, investing and trading especially if you don't have sufficient knowledge about it. Beginners are more likely to be susceptible with scamming platforms, in my opinion you should be keen and be wise during this time because like what you've said that there are new platfirms that were created with this kind of intention. We should be observant and do some researching first if that certain platform is truly reliable or not. I suggest that we should invest on platforms that are trusted by our seniors since it is more likely to trusted and the most reliable one.
  2. This is true, we learned and are continuously learning from our experienced/senior members in this platform. Through their knowledge and experiences we are able to learn and to be knowledgeable about cryptography and cryptocurrencies that is the reason why explore the forum and read all of the useful information shared by our experienced members in the forum.
  3. It is essential that each one of us are sharing our own experiences and ideas about investment, trading and about crypto market. Through exchanging knowledge we are able to educate and to help the others to learn about that certain field and because of your experiences and ideas surely the others will learn and be cautious and be a better person in crypto world and such.
  4. This is a reminder for everyone in the forum that we must look out for each other for the betterment of this platform. We must act according to our role and responsibility in this forum but we should be considerate with other people too. Let's act accordingly and must always remember to adhere with the guidelines as well. We should encourage the beginners and the the seniors to coexist and discuss topics with each other without giving negative/bad intention because all of us are here to learn and to exchange ideas and knowledge with other people.
  5. The function of this new features is to rate a certain post/topic with the scales indicated. I believe that all of us should be honest to rate or to express his/her reaction with a certain information you read in the forum. Let's all be fair in giving such reputation points and also to ponder and to contemplate whether that certain post really deserve positive or negative reputation points. Be mindful and be sure of your decisions in the forum.
  6. Totally, life is a continuous process of learning. Everyday we welcome new experiences which means new learnings for every decision and risk we take, where we learned from it. Even if we experience ups and downs i life we are still learning from it. I believe that for every challenges we face and the steps we take, life will always teach us something new or to enhance and improve our knowledge about something. So, let's not be skeptical about life and be brave to fight in order for us to learn and also to share our learnings to other people.
  7. I appreciate your effort for making this kind of topic. I believe that everyone should be responsible enough to do their role in the platform. Let's make the forum better through sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences with respect to the guidelines of the forum. Let's not be greedy just to achieve our desires instead let's unite and start sharing/expressing ourselves through contributing useful and meaningful information to the forum so that the others will also learn from it.
  8. This is true. Yes, it is alarming to receive warning points from the moderators/admins of the forum but we should be intimidated and be scared of it. I guess, warning points were given in order for us to reflect the mistake we committed so that we can learn from it and to keep us away from doing it again. Let's not treat warning points as if it is the end of our journey in the forum instead let's make this as an opportunity and inspiration to improve ourselves and to be mindful of what we share in the platform.
  9. Thanks for the information, by the way and your post is realky informative for the beginners and old members who are unaware of such ranks. Through your post I was able to distinguish what are the different ranks in the platform and how will we earn such rank. I believe that everyone can reach the highest rank through his/her hardwork and patience in the platform.
  10. I believe that for everyone in here, treats reputation points important in this platform because it will indicate if we are getting paid or not according to the new rules of the forum. Well, you/we can earn positive reputation points if we share useful and helpful information in this forum through that we will surely gain reputation points if the members find your topic/post worthy of such reputation points.
  11. This is true, I guess every experienced member (old members) in this forum did not anticipate that this platform will have a big impact in their lives. Through Cryptotalk, we were able to earn currencies because of the efforts and hardwork we are doing in this platform simply because they are paying us for every useful/helpful post/topic we share in the forum. I believe that everyone in here are grateful and thankful to Cryptotalk because of the changes that the forum gave to them.
  12. Mixed emotions, I guess? I felt so enthusiastic and anxious at the same time when I finished the first 100 posts. Enthusiasm seeped through my veins because of the thought that I was able to finish the required number of posts through my efforts and patience. Anxious because of the things that were lingering inside my head, thoughts about "what will come after this/that?", and "will my efforts pay off?" , those are the thoughts that are bugging me most of the time. But, I always convince myself to do my best and be responsible member of this forum and I always keep in my mind that everything I do in this forum will surely pay off in the end.
  13. Before starting in this forum you should read the rules and regulations first. You should make sure that you are doing your best and you are strictly following the guidelines. I believe that your stay in this forum will be worthwhile, in a sense that you are learning and earning at the same moment. Keep in mind that if you are going to share information in the platform, you have to check your information first and contemplate whether it is useful and beneficial for the members and the forum itself.
  14. This serves as a reminder to the new members and serve as refresher to the old members about the guidelines of the forum. I believe that we should always follow all the rules and regulations of the forum and take note of every important details about it. Be responsible and do our duty in the platform.
  15. All of us are responsible of our actions in the forum. Anyway, I appreciate your effort in sharing this informative topic. I believe that through creating useful and meaningful topic /post and strictly following all the guidelines in the forum our efforts will greatly pay off. Let us not be scared of sharing what we know and sharing our experiences as well, so that the other users will also learn from our experiences especially in cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Just always be careful of what you share in the forum and always abide to the rules and regulations.
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