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  1. Well, i didn't heard about the altcoinstalk mate, can you share more about from it? And what is the link of this altcoinstalk do that we can participated in that forum, i hope you may respond mate. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, this is the one of the example of this topic, we should obey the rules and regulations here even though we got a high ranks here, the forum helps us to get some profit so we need to help this forum to be clean.
  3. Well, that's true mate and as of now, the moderators can detect the members who are giving the reputations in some useless posts and they will deducted it to their paid rates, this is how the new payment system is very good for us.
  4. Yes mate so we need to avoid to have an another account to just one ip address to avoid being banned, this is always happens especially for the family who are participating here because most of the family has 1 Internet connection and it can just provide 1 ip address only.
  5. Well, we didn't need to have a doubt for this new token mate because the moderators said that this has a good profit that the past campaign, so trust them and wait for the open trade of TALK coin.
  6. Well, we have a same idea mate, my friend told me that i can earned money here by just posting but later on, while reading some threads here, i gain some knowledge so that i continue to do posting here because it benefited me a lot.
  7. Well, I'm also heard this Facebook crypto coin called LIBRA but this coin is not successfully released at the market and many people are disappointed for it because they're waiting for a long time for this, they're just wasting their time.
  8. Well, in this given coins above, i will choose the litecoin and also ripple as a good crypto coin because this is very profitable and also this two are having a small amount of withdrawal fee so that it's worth it to invest and to trade.
  9. Well, I'm not totally seeing this thread about dice coin so that i exchanged my dice coin into doge which is having a value of $1.1 only, and when i seeing the open trade for dice to Bitcoin, it has a huge amount of value, 1:1 pricing, 1 dice 1 satoshi which us good, i hope there's someone will buy my offer in yobit.
  10. Well, this is a good step from yobit exchanger by releasing some coins in this year, i hope that this free dollars has a good value like in YODA in last airdrop, i got my free dollars and thanks for yobit, keep it up.
  11. Well for me, we cannot compare this two because this is very important for many people because we used the fiat money to buy some cryptocurrency coins and we used crypto coins to earned fiat money, so i will say that this will be good if we used this two together.
  12. Well, I'm buying three cryptocurrency coins and this is bitcoin as usual, ethereum and also ripple because this three coins are very profitable by having a lot of users and also this three coins got the top 3 in the cryptocurrency rankings and that is the proof that this three coins are profitable.
  13. Well for me, when this topic talks to the traditional currency, i will prefer USD because it's very popular by many countries and it has a huge amount of value in my country so it's worth to received USD, and also if this topic talks to the cryptocurrency, i will prefer XRP because it has a small amount of withdrawal fee and also transfer fee.
  14. Well, there's a lot of options to look for the better coin that is worth it to invest by looking for the rankings of cryptocurrency, the top 3 profitable is Bitcoin, ethereum and ripple because this three hit the 1st to 3rd place in the rankings of cryptocurrency but as of now, tether coin is overtaken the ripple which is not bad because there's a coin can stand with other famous coins.
  15. Well for me, i can wait for a long time until the better value comes in a particular coin like bitcoin because i know that it can be benefited for me by selling it in a higher price to have a lot of money, that's how holders do right now.
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