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  1. Well, i think the admins and moderators of bitcointalk and cryptotalk are confidently using yobit to be secure that our coins are be safe by their hands and also i think there is a cooperation of yobit and this two forum.
  2. Well, my experienced here in this forum is good because i gain a lot of knowledge and ideas about cryptocurrencies and the importance of it to our society, and also in terms of money, this is my first time to earn to my own and im happy that i get some money here.
  3. Well this is a good idea mate, by improving the posts of the member, i think this will be deserved by the members to get some profit like this, i hope it will be implemented for this year.
  4. Well, if someone will copy your thread if this is not locled by the admins, we can report that account so that it can't be copying a thread of other members anymore, we can't control this kind of crimes because they are freely to copy it and post it by their own.
  5. As of now, the new update is you need to reached 100 posts before you getting paid, once you reached 100 posts, your 101 posts will be start to be paid and it will put to your yobit account, you have only 30 posts per day that will entered to your wallet.
  6. I think that is time at moscow becahse this forum creates there and also the creators of this is also lives in russia, do you need to set a time for moscow time to know the time when do you stop posting.
  7. This reputation is important to this forum because it will represent if you are a good member or not, it serves your behaviour if you have many + reputation it means that you have a great posts and good member but if you got a - reputation means you are not good for posting.
  8. Well thaks for your sharing some information to us, its good in terms of health because it has like bluelight filter to adjust some radiation from it if you are posting in a darker place and also you may notice if this is a pinned posts or not, as of now we can notice the pinned posts if the thread has a icon of pin.
  9. Well this is a good update for yobit to know how many posts are useful which means that posts are counted to be paid, you are thinking why not the same number of posts to your profile to yobit its because some of your posts are being deleted, this is good because you may know if your posts are being deleted by the admins.
  10. Bitcoin halving is a doing that it makes the price of bitcoin high, i think it creates a new bitcoin and it will be high the price of it, there are many people here are waiting for the halving of bitcoin because it will happen on the midyear of 2020.
  11. Well, you must be careful next time, don't find your mistakes today, all you need to do is to make some intervals to your posting meaning you will put some time before you done by posting to avoid some spamming.
  12. If you need to be getting paid, just stick for about forum and also to the crypto world because this topics have a high number of posts by the members so thay you can posts without doubting in terms of money.
  13. Yes because this is profitable and also you can get a big money here, as of now the bitcoin has a low value price in the market so this is a chance to buy some bitcoins in a lower price and sell it to the higher price but you need to wait for a longer time so that you can get some big money.
  14. Thi is a good idea for us to creatse some threads that has a sense unlike some members here are posting a non sense threads, and also to avoid some spammers because if wee look at the attached picture, there has a one member that are afraid by spamming some posts, we beed to avoid to to respect for members and moderators.
  15. You can attached your cryptotalk account to yobit by simply go to their website and also you need to create account first to have an wallet of course, and after that go click your username to the upper right and choose cryptotalk campaign and you can attached your cryptotalk id to connect your cryptotalk account to yobit.
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