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  1. Well, I'm doing a copy and paste when I'm putting my wallet address in withdrawal request and i didn't receive any error with that but make sure you will double check it to be sure there's no problem with it.
  2. By being a deed this cryptocurrency, many people are not familiarized to its deep terminologies that is being stated here in this forum and they are not answering it properly, so we need to give the meaning of this so that they can know what is the meaning of this.
  3. This is what newcomer's here can do here in this forum by reading some ideas and informations about cryptocurrency and if you have an exact some ideas, you can now do some posting here to earned money.
  4. Well, this is a good idea mate, i will prefer to buy xrp or bitcoin because as of now, this is the right time to buy this two coins because they are now having a low price and wait for a good value of it to get some extra money to selling it to higher price.
  5. You can read the rules and regulations here in this forum to answer your own question, i hope it may help you to your problem mate, happy posting.
  6. Well, this is good for you mate, using coinbase is very fit to us by having an conversion into tokens to coins, and you can also convert it easily into dollars and you can bow withdraw it if you have a visa card because they are now having a partnership.
  7. This is always happen from yobit exchanger and i think this is normal from it because sometimes they are lacking some money to give us a profit and they need to refilled it to sustain our profit by yobit exchanger.
  8. Well for me, i used ripple when i transfer it into another wallet because it has a small amount of withdrawal fee and also this is fast to transfer unlike to other coins like bitcoin and ethereum.
  9. I think this topic is not allowed here in this forum because this forum talks about to cryptocurrency and only cryptocurrency can be used as a topic from any discussion here. I hope you may understand.
  10. That is just for me mate, that is my own opinion and don't push some members here to be getting right their own opinion, i hope you may understand.
  11. Well, try to clean your hardware and software from your computer by reformatted it, this is the only thing to remove some malicious program to your pc and i hope that this maybe help you. Happy posting mate.
  12. Well, you are not allow to post some multiple replies in one topic, you can just quote some reply of the members for having a discussion but you can't do some multiple reply on it, i hope you may understand.
  13. Well, the facebook is cancelled the releasing of this coin and many people are disappointed from this, they are making is discussion here about why they are not releasing it, i hope that they will continue to released it and know what is the value of it to the markets.
  14. Well for me, i will prefer to decentralized because as of now, by using the cryptocurrency is fit to us by not having some taxes on it to any online transactions because no one can handle this cryptocurrency and there has no people can put some tax from it.
  15. We, if you are really read the rules and regulations here in this forum, you will jot doing this thing, you are just able to posts one only at the time from each thread, you can just quote someone but replying to the one thread is not good.
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