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  1. You can earn profit but it is too little, comparing to the time you spend in solving captcha, it is not worth it. I prefer sticking here in Cryptotalk because i can learn things while earning a good profit.
  2. I agree with you, because of new payment system, we cannot get rid of our negative reactions because we don't have any idea who was giving us, but we can get rid of negative rates in our yobit when we received the positive reaction within the day so keep posting good quality post so you can gain positive reaction.
  3. I agree with you, we all want to have a double pay in our daily post that's why we are trying to give all 50 reactions. But it is not healthy and helping fo the forum if we are randomly giving the reaction without reading the content. Moderators implemented double pay so we can help them keeping this forum a clean one.
  4. Thanks for opening your hand for amateur people like us here in the forum sir. Your help in consultation about Cryptocurrency is a big help with people like me who are new in the crypto field.
  5. I've been here since November and until now, I don't know how to find what reputation do i had until now. Thanks for sharing this kind of information I will check how many positive and negative reactions do i have.
  6. I also observed the same thing, many members' reply is not connected on the content of the topic and for me it is kind of abuse of the forum. We should think about the forum and not only for the coin we can get.
  7. You're right, many people are searching of sites that are paying but the profit is too little, it is just a waste of time if they spend a lot of time for a little profit. If you want to earn, invest in trading and of course first things First, seek knowledge about Cryptocurrency and how to do trading.
  8. Well there are some company that are accepting Bitcoin as mode of payment and i think it is better than fiat. The price of bitcoin is changing in short time of period, company or establishment who accepting bitcoin can earn more profit if price of it goes up.
  9. I stick to the theme of original. For me it is good to feel the classic way of the forum and I don't find necessary changing theme because the most important in Cryptotalk forum is creating quality posts.
  10. I agree with you. People who earns spend a lot of time to have knowledge and money before earning a really good profit. Not everyone has luck in their life and the secret behind all of their good profit is hardwork.
  11. Giving up means you accept your failure. I adore you for being determined to do it over and over again until you learned something about Cryptocurrency. I hope your story inspires a lot of member especially beginners to have courage to seek knowledge.
  12. Less profile visitors doesn't mean your contribution is not helping out other members, maybe the post they are making isn't catching the the attention of many or the person itself. We tend to visit others profile due to fact we see they have a high reputation.
  13. This is really helpful for those who new in Crypto field. I have so much learned things here until today because of this kind of information publish. My favorite one is hodl, at first i didn't know what it means because i thought it has another meaning.
  14. I think educating the people about Cryptocurrency and what can make it is a good move so the future we view about bitcoin become successful. I think it is the first move to do if government want to adopt bitcoin
  15. Thanks for sharing this mate. I want to be a good trader soon but i until now I don't have a courage to start trading because i feel i don't still have this qualities. Addition to that, i need to seek more knowledge and prepare myself.
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