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  1. Well i don't think so. If i were you, i will buy now because there are no good date ot time to buy bitcoin, as we can see the price of bitcoin goes down compared to previous weeks. I suggest that buy know and wait for the incoming bull run.
  2. Yes i agree with you, China is also taking good step to introduce cryptocurrency on their people. I hope this is also happen to to our country and start legalizing the use of cryptocurrencies. It help people under the government and it is more convience.
  3. Bitcoin have a higher withdrawal fee from yobit. I suggest if you want to withdraw your bitcoin from yobit convert it in etherium or ripple since the withdrawal fee from those cryptocurrency is lower than bitcoin.
  4. I think the rank members have many opportunities here. But for me if you are high rank member here, you are one of those trusted people when you are giving your ideas about cryptocurrencies. Also, you experience interacting woth other members and discussing lot about crypto.
  5. So if you want to sell your bicycle to buy crypto, please know that there's win or lose in crypto industry. If you are ready for any result when you buy crypto using your sold bike, then okay. I suggest ready for any result that may come.
  6. Yes smartphones and email are only one of those thing hackers using to steal personal information. If we are very careful clicking links that poped up in our email we can prevent things such like that. Be vigilant always.
  7. I joined here since November 2 of this year. I am convinced by my friend to join here and earn money by just posting. It is a good platform to discuss and interacting with the other members about cryptocurrency and gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies.
  8. Well it is really good news. Their leader support blockchain technology so people of his country will also support blockchain and we all know that India's population is really big so the cryptocurrency will be recognized by a large amount of of people in india.
  9. Yes many countries are taking steps to make their own cryptocurrency and it is a good news for those people who are using crypto, it just means they are now accepting and legalizing the use of cryptocurrency.
  10. Yes people around the world recognize the bitcoin, there's a lot of stores, companies that are accepting bitcoin as payment transaction. I hope that legislation of crypto in many countries will happen in the near future.
  11. If i have 20 bitcoin i will plan to retire and convert the half into fiat currency. I will build my own business using my fiat, if it can buy a house, i will. Then the other half, may hold it until the price goes up or continue trading sometimes. But mostle, i like to relax and not thinking about jobs.
  12. Thank you for posting very helpful tips to avoid stealing information from my phone. It would be better if we are very careful choosing app we install in our phone since there are apps that run by hackers. I will do those tips to avoid stealing personal info in my phone.
  13. For me crypto is only my secomd source of income because it has good profit, i always dream to work in oil company and i am currently studying for that degree. But crypto helps me a lot to support my needs and it is good to make profit in crypto for now.
  14. Banks do not like crypto but i think they need to accept and adopt the use of crypto since big part of the world are using crypto and they can't stop people from using and buying crypto, banks can only do is accept it.
  15. Please state some links about the news. I think they are accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment transaction in China, china is also one oth the pioneer in leagalizing ang making their own crypto. So for me, they are not banning crypto there.
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