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  1. So we need to wait for the announcement of the moderators when the signature campaign will start but i think it needs a long time to processing it so we should patiently wait.
  2. Most of members are here only for the daily payments we cannot expect something from them like creating a good topics for discussion. They are only here for the money and it is kind of disappointed because most of them is not providing even a good comment or post.
  3. Yes mate you're right. Giving a bad reputation will always be an objective so that we cannot approach the post as bad topic because of the person behind it. Also giving good reputation to those making good content.
  4. Thanks for sharing mate. I will try this one but i think not not but soon, i will think first what will be the content of my blog so i know users will definitely like it. Happy posting everyone.
  5. Yes mate most of deleted post are we don't have any idea why is it deleted so if they notify us we will know what caused of deleted post so we can do much better in our next post.
  6. This is a great help for every members how to deeply know and have knowledge about Cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing this kind of sites where i can learn many things about Cryptocurrency and such things related to that.
  7. Yes this topic is already discussed here in the cryptotalk i suggest to the creator of this topic, you should need to search first before making new topics that was already exists.
  8. But if you're a good thinker as a new member, you should know how to search first before creating a topic, you only need to create a topic if there's questions in your head that didn't answer on what you searching in the first place. I hope new members stop doing this kind of irrelevant action.
  9. Yes mate most of scammers are just stealing others assets they didn't even work for it and we should be careful not the be one their victims. We should be vigilant in all the times.
  10. Indeed buddy. In any aspect of life patience is the key because we need a lot of patience to test where we can get. Especially in crypto world where most of ways in earning Cryptocurrency need a lot of patience in waiting.
  11. Yes mate that feature need now so those who are abusing the forum will be definitely gone here, we cannot be okay when other are spreading spam messages here it only cause the forum not good for discussion due to deleted post happening.
  12. Of course mate this platform is a great way of earning money when i have some free time. I am grateful to my friend for bringing me here. I am still posting here and provide good information to this forum until it ends.
  13. Well i think as long as you are not repeating what you are saying it is good. You can exchange replies to others when someone quote you, but don't try to copy pasting others content because you will violating the rules.
  14. Yes buddy that's another great feature of this forum because we can do postings whenever we want or whenever ee have free time. Let us use our free time to something that will benefit us just like this platform.
  15. Exactly buddy. We should only create a topic that is not yet discussed here in Cryptotalk forum so we can avoid having duplication topics and also avoid getting deleted useful Content. As part of responsibility, that also includes not recreating the topics.
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