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  1. It's 10 years before all bitcoin will be mined and i think it's possible for bitcoin to reach that price if blockchain already implemented globally, Just really hope it will becoming true.
  2. Wow, What's wrong? It's this effect from last hacked exchange news before or maybe some money laundry? If this true i think this was bad news for cryptocurrency market and will affect the currenct market condition, I hope they will cancel it.
  3. Yeap, I try to make paper wallet before but right now i'm just using third party wallet like coinbase and and client wallet, Paper walelt was indeed it's safe but i'm just didn't want to use it.
  4. I'm not a pro but maybe i can share some experience to you, Always look market movement if it's already touch the peak (For short term trading) And stagnant for a while it's better to sell it, There is so many factor and i think it's better to read an article or watch a youtube.
  5. I think it's already around 2-3 months, I joined around november 2019. There some good members before but not really active right like xDBTScript and cryptokram, They was sharing good tips and tutorial and really glad can discuss with them.
  6. UTC or only your local time? Basically cryptocurrency didn't have strict time like forex or other traditional trading but it's the best buying crypto was when the 24h volume was still low or not peak, Just make sure to read the market movement correctly.
  7. That the reason why i choose cryptocurrency, I controlling my own asset without centralized entitity and also i can send everywhere and anytime without some complicated step beside that it's also more transparent and anonym comparing to traditional one.
  8. Gratz mate, You deserve it and please keep posting helpful information for us and keep helping beginers on this forum, I hope will reach 100 Reputation too soon and i hope you guys too, Cheers!!
  9. If you sure you are not cheating and that was real your sister i think it's ok, Just make sure always read the rules before and if you can use separate network for your sister connection, You also can appeal later if you banned if you think you didn't wrong.
  10. Depends on the market condition but even the condition was not really good, XRP or ripple still good option for investing, They have good community, Stable movement and active partnership on some institution.
  11. Yeap, Some people was calling yobit a fraud but looks like they are never try this exchange, Of course there some lack of feature and sometimes long time support response but so far i never face any problem on yobit expect their laggy UI.
  12. Well bitcointalk was already have many members and didn't require any campaign now and i think comparing to cryptotalk right bitcointalk still better on almost all asepct expect only UI that cryptotalk was more better.
  13. So far only king college that i know accepting crypto but this news was around 2014, Is they still accepting it? Anyway really love to see another university will accept crypto especially, Please share the news again with us later after you found another university that accepting bitcoin.
  14. Just always make sure you are making a good thread or didn;t replied some spam or copy pasted content or off topic, It will affect your psot count on yobit cryptotalk dashboard and you need make an extra post for that. Always make sure to research first guys!
  15. There so many ways to become success on crypto, Trading, Investing, Bounty or even become CEO on an project but now as your post said it's now focus on trading, It's indeed was good way but still need some skill too to become success and skill was gained from experience.
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