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  1. Some time back , I tried and earned some ripple and they were pretty nice they were all this new coin that I was willing to use, then at one point, I decided to with draw them and I must say , I was really impressed by the speed in which I received them they were very fast and so at the end am always gonna say this, ripple is the best for anyone who wants it, its the best and the future
  2. Doge is among the coins to which has been one of the starting coins in the begining of all this , but the price of doge never perfoms like most people think , look at it this way , the price of doge has always remained at 0.002$ or there about, this is a stagnation. But there is a reason behind it, first of all, doges are so many in supply , compared to bitcoin, there are about so many doges there are 124 Billion Doges as compared to bitcoin 21 Million, a very huge difference. Doge has so many holders, there are so many people who hold onto doge, thousands or millions even , thinking or waiting for the doge coins to multiply or the price to increase and so it becomes very difficult to use doge because there is non to use of very few going round. So I believe those are the two reasons why doges price does not change
  3. So so many of us have been posting on this forum for so many days and some months, but what are the ideas that you have learnt here that are you able to use in an everyday to day life or even you have been able to put up in some cases the right ideas must be well informed and well involved to really identify the good things that really work for you there are so many that I have take, and trading is one of them. 1. Trading crypto 2. Airdrops and how to get them 3. Trading ICOs on yobit 4. Investing in crypto for a percentage return. What have you been able to learn from this forum so far..... Lets see who have been taking this forum serious
  4. Hi Guys, am , I have been here for a while now, its been about 3 Months now and its one of the most beautiful forum there is and there are a number of things I have collected from this forum . 1. I have been able to pay for food with the satoshis I get here, thats my number one advantage, 2. I have been able to make friends 3. I have been able to jump into the crypto world and identify a number of streams to make money. 4. It introduced me to another forum that pays you to post and there are no rules there, and I make atleast 5$ a day posting. 5. I have been learning more about cryptocurrency everyday Those are most of my advantages
  5. Kariuki

    Ripple scam

    So I went through this kind of a research so I went to youtube and there was this huge page and video, the best effort is to work as hard and put together everything we know, I really was looking for information about Ripple, and then I came across this account with such a huge following and then it was important that I pushed to check if its authentic, but it has an official name of the ripple CEO, and the video as I was watching , it had a high view ship and then so I saw they had this story that Ripple is giving an airdrop, and so I thought I should be interested because I was having this kind of a feeling that if its ripple then it must be genuine, but here is what I got confused, then I looked at what is happening but giving ripples so that you can get ripples back that was the most confusing airdrop I have ever seen . so I checked and I realized that there is no ripple airdrop going on because in the first place, airdrops are done when a coin is being launched but when you look at giving 5000 ripples to get 25000 ripples that is very confusing so I really came to realize then that it something has been well organized to steal from people so when you come across this ignore it, the CEO of ripple has nothing to do with it and so is the company , I almost gave in to it because I thought it looked so genuine that was really cool
  6. Okay my question is, will Akons coin take off? Akon ,the richest rapper , American but from Africa rapper, has a coin that has been established and it is ready to be launched, but other coins not doing so well over the world , will that one work for the rest of us Africans, we sure hope so because at the end we will be able to work in a much different way that works properly the greatest is for us Africans to be set free
  7. Libra is better in all ways and when you look at the point at which bitcoin has been able to succeed, its to convince people that block chain is something fresh and we should use it, but Libra on the other had has made it better, " Look.bitcoin is great but expensive and slow, and everybody cannot access it". so Libra comes out as a better version of crypto .Libra on the other hand has its own boss, and all it does is to look for direction and I think it has been very easy for Libra and actually it feels much better as you can tell its important to think of it as one of the best ideas there is infact it might take on bitcoin because of its backing, it boost itself in about 2.5 Billion Facebook users who might directly be integrated into the Libra platform which I think is very cool, how ever then facebook will have to work on the best way to handle account verifications, to eliminate fakes.
  8. One of the fastest growing sport is the e sport, its fast and its not as easy as you think and its attracting a huge audience and sometimes when there is a huge following, people would love to monetize from it, could crypto currency be a solution. I that when someone wants to access the platform to either watch or even play , but they are from different cuntries, they will either have to deposit say 4 Ripples with the esport account and play could that work at any one point given, am thinking this could be a good idea, even though it may start low, it should be able to pick fast. What do you think guys
  9. Now that we have been having so many coins , some sort of trial and Error, then what would be the idea and what would be the right cause that we have to get the right idea of a coin,its important we have to really keep on working and put together everything in perspective, what would be the ideal coin that would help us all of us and what would make it the best for us to use it on a daily basis, and the basis of this question is that what is the right coin that would everybody use on a daily basis, its important we come up with one of the best coins we know of.
  10. Every time I check there is anew I ceo being released and people rush to it, and it becomes very difficult to understand what is the purpose of the ICO in the first place and secondly why is the ICO being released and people rush to get the ICO so it becomes a little bit better for everybody to enjoy some profit, but some lose ground when they are released, I have seen some go from one dollar to a cent in just under 1 week, are they still profitable , will be my quetion today
  11. In the wake of the resent times we have seen around here, there has been so many things that we have seen that sometimes work and sometimes they dont, then the crazy thing about this coronavirus came, and we are having trouble in the financial world, most of the coins have lost a lot, there is nothing to stand with them , so thats why am asking what is happening, is bitcoin standing on its own or is reliant on the financial traditional sector so its important we understand this this is the only way to really stand and put together everything in it, why is bitcoin not standing on its own.
  12. One of the most worrying factor about bitcoin is will it stay any longer, is is able to sustain itself to the end or will it come to an end all over sudden, to me I believe with what I can see now , its going to stand, its going to be good in every case and it will stand and so its important we look at it in a far much better way that before we have to stand with it and believe with it it will stand, we hope that it rushes up because its time to buy we head with it to the peak all at the top
  13. In most of the positions taken by the charamities that have happened in this season, the year 2020 there has been a lot of mistakes that have been really been done so many people have lost and its become a case of who is to blame, the market itself, the traditional market for that, has lost about 4trillion, then there is something that shock me, the crypto market followed the same and so many crypto coins have lost except the stable coins its shocking I am not sure that the market will come back from this what do you think guys
  14. Hey guys, I have a suggestion, with the way things are changing fast, and how fast the coin prices are really changing, could we be paid with a stable coin such as USDTE. or any other that is more stable because you look around, it was 3 dollars a day when you had bitcoin at 10,000$ and now that the coin price has dropped due to corona Virus, then its far much important we look at the price, we exchange it and its 1.6$ per day, thats almost half of what we used to earn, and am not complaining, far may it be, but its worrying sometime, its just a suggestion guys , what do you think?? Hope I dont sound like am complaining, cause am not, am just suggesting,God bless you all.
  15. Can anyone remember the guy from Flroida who bought pizza worth 10,000 bitcoins, ten thousand of them and he ate them , wow, there is even an Anniversary to remember the order that he made, today the bitcoin itself that he bought with would be worth about 80Million dollars and still its going up, this pains me because the project am looking to work on is only about 3 Million dollars and it will benefit everybody that there is, am actually thinking what if this guy had other bitcoin stuffed some where , could he be another person who has a million bitcoins somewhere and we talk of this guy who bought the pizza, what of the guy who sold them , what happened to him, what did he do with the same.
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