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  1. I faced the same problem yesterday , I posted almost 30 post to get to useful post then again today I see about 50 post that are deleted which means I will have to post about 50 more post to get to the useful post but its painful , really painful but we have to teal with it, its time to deal with it as it comes and we can get something out of it, I might see myself heading somewhere else because its clear this is becoming very difficult very very difficult, but am thankful to this forum because its be one thing that has been good for me this year
  2. Bitcoin has the two faces, and atleast crypto currency this one that is more of important is when you have a certain process that cannot be handled well you have to look at what happens to the transfer system, especially on swift, its usually very dark and very slow, crypto can farsten that , though crypto is a new kid on the block and it will have to be integrated to even all those who do not have access to the internet and technology
  3. I think its a case of who is popular and who is famous , look at it this way , there is a Mercedez benz a very beautiful and most loved car, then tehre is a similar car , like toyota crouwn of there is also rolls royce, yet you dont see them everywhere like th Benz , its what came first and the name is already established
  4. Someone told me that you will never go wrong with doge coin and am starting to believe he was telling the truth, the best I have ever enjoyed is investing in doge coin, how ever htere are so many issues, like so many people are holding onto doge coins int the pretence that someday its going to shoot up and everything is going to be allright, but that is the problem itself, people can only make the price of doges or any other coin work by making sure that they use the coin.
  5. Every time I check there is anew I ceo being released and people rush to it, and it becomes very difficult to understand what is the purpose of the ICO in the first place and secondly why is the ICO being released and people rush to get the ICO so it becomes a little bit better for everybody to enjoy some profit, but some lose ground when they are released, I have seen some go from one dollar to a cent in just under 1 week, are they still profitable , will be my quetion today
  6. \This has happened before and so many people are not worried about it because it always happened once in a time and this is because we are going to get the money as soon as everything is sorted out, dont worry and be patient and if not they are going to send a notification to explain, am not worried
  7. If that is a challenge, the most important is to use ripple for that , it would and will work properly for you so keep everything in the right perspective and work for the right ideas that we have seen out here ,everything is very important in every case we see, ripple is fast and very cheap and thats why I think Money gram are going to use it in the near future
  8. Wow this is deep , I never knew such can happen but thank you for showing us, but that of mispelling the address itself is what caught my eye, but ti works perfectly and it requires a good idea of what we have to do with this kind of a market and its levels you will never forget ,t hank you its really educative.
  9. Thats okay they get deleted most of the time and it sometimes does work perfectly and so its important you keep everything into perspective and be able to assemble yourself in the right course that would mean a lot especially when everything is out and working perfectly
  10. The way I see it, is the 1. Mucht time you will have to put inside the same 2. The level of understanding, 3. Available resourses that would help you stand out in that Job Dedication the three will make you move even Higher to the levels to which one is able to get new heights so its that important
  11. I think that will not be solved anytime soon the problem itself must be according to the forum rules and if you have been removed , then I think you are not going to get back to the forum again unless you launch an appeal , its that important as you can tell-
  12. Yeah I also think so, you are not allowed to post your refferal links on this page the best you can do is to make sure that you go to the right section and there you will be able to work and put your links there, there is nothing to it, other than that, put everything into perspective
  13. well I thin the answer to that is very simple, your UID was removed because of 1. either your account has been found to have violated some rules, and or 2. your account has been in one of those countries that have been banned, 3. you have multiple accounts This are the four methods to which you are removed from the forum and you will be banned forever and the way they do it is my removing your UID
  14. There is no paypal withdrawal option but people are getting it into their paypal via exchange, there are peopel online who can take your payeer for paypal excahnge and so its important to keep everything in start we are all in the same boat, I got mine through an exchange
  15. Crpto forum has been changing a lot of things and one of those is that it is a great way to reduce and smoke out every kind of scammer here and spammers they are all the people who were sending messegaes that to get some satoshi, that ended and now its time to get into business with those who are left and the reason why there is a lot of silence, a lot of post are being deleted if they contain the wrong messages, the scrutiny is high and thus the reason as to why people are discouraged to post, today I had to post 30 more post
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