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  1. There is a high probability that retail stores are going to accept cryptocurrency as payment, but I personally think that will will need a substantial amount of time in order for one entity to fully adopt into using cryptocurrencis because it would be very difficult for them to account.
  2. Yes, I have a certain amount to achieve so that I would be able to splurge myself and help myself and my family when I reach that goal. The cryptoworld has been very helpful in terms that I have been able to save and earn money since I have engage into it, especially with the help of cryptotalk and yobit.
  3. I have not encountered this problem so far, but I think that once you are going to send it to the wrong address there is not such thing as refunding what was loss, so my advice would be that one person should be very careful when entering a bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency address to avoid these kind of problems.
  4. I have been engaging into the investbox lately, for example it says btc: 10ds it means you have to play the dice in order for you to get the investment for that certain period of time, for example if it is daily then you will have to play the dice daily to get that certain percentage. There are some investments that do not require actions, for example micro, it gives 1% daily, it is not bad at all.
  5. Indeed, if one engages into trading one of their biggest enemy would be themselves, because you are going to be the one who is going to control your investment and with your decisions you are them going to be the one who is responsible of your profit. Sometimes we would tend to want more and would end up losing a good amount of profit instead.
  6. I would certainly say that cryptocurrency is not a get rich quick or what people would think that theya re going to be millionaire in a short period of time, although you can actually earn better and faster when you are engaging into cryptocurrencies but this does not mean you will always profit from it.
  7. These posts are very helpful and are very informative, these are the informations that new people or beginners should know about. People do not actually know these kind of facts because they would always doubt about bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.
  8. Perhaps the cryptocurrency is all about how intangible it is, I personally think that if will have a physical substance it will the lose its meaning of being a cryptocurrency the cyrrency that is being used in the internet and across gadgets. Engaging into cryptocurrency requires having trust to it.
  9. I have been using my mobile phone, my personal computer has broken down and I can really feel the difference and of the different opportunities that the personal computer gives, you can perform tasks faster in a personal computer. But the mobile phone works just well, especially if you are on the go and that it would only require minimal actions, like posting on forums.
  10. We cannot blame for people who are getting scammed easily, scammers are good in deceiving people and that these scammers are then very knowledgeable into knowing what are the weakness of the people. The only important thing that people should do is to investigate first and know if a site is legit or not.
  11. I have not engaged into any other cryptoicurrency forums but I am going to do futher research about it and going to learn for them so that I will be able to learn. As far as my friends have told me, cryptotalk is one of the best paying forums yet, because of how much it pays and the learnings you get from here.
  12. I agree with you, I can see that bitcoin is going to stay until the market is still alive and going. Knowing bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the market, I am certain that it will be staying for a long period of time. As day by day passes, bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency in the market is going to be more relevant.
  13. Yes, you are correct. From last year, a lot of people have been predicting that the cryptocurrency prices are going to go up in the first half of the year, in which they use historical date, similar to last year as evidence. Although Historical data should not be the basis because no one can actually predict the prices of cryptocurrencies.
  14. In my country, a lot of people have been using cryptocurrencies and that there is an application that is regulating it. I have know a lot of traders and that they are doing cryptocurrency full time. There are also banks that use blockchain technology for the safety and security of their consumers. Our country has been exposed to the knowledge of cryptocurrency.
  15. I agree that people should not fully resort to the cryptoworld and buying cryptocurrency because people told them that it will profit better and that of it will make ypou rich quickly, it is important to keep in mind that cryptoworld is the same as doing a job, you have to be patient about it in order for you to earn.
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