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  1. Knowing that there is a limit to bitcoin, I personally think that the future of the cryptocurrency world is uncertain and that it could be gone anytime without prior warnings.
  2. I personally think that long term holding could be more risky than short term holding (maximum of three months) because the market could shift drastically within twelve months and chances are it could possible go down and you wont be able to profit from it.
  3. With today's prices, I can say that ripple or XRP is one of the most profitable and safe to keep for a long period of time. Personally I think that it might even reach $1 in the future.
  4. I agree, scams are really what makes it hard to convince other people into entering or to make them engage into the cryptocurrency world, we all know scammers and fraudsters are everywhere in this platform.
  5. I personally think that investing into the cryptocurrency world is not for everyone, I would like to see it as gambling rather than investing; although technically I am investing but knowing how uncertain the return is, investing into the crypto world is for those who are willing to risk their prior investment.
  6. These informations are the basic details people should know, not everyone is knowledgeable about halving and I am guilty for that, I have to do further research into how it actually works.
  7. I personally think that the increasing of bitcoin prices is a good thing, although it could not be as profitable if your are just going to buy it, but for those who kept the bitcoin, it will be most beneficial for them.
  8. I started buying cryptocurrencies when it became a hype and that everyone in my hometown was talking about it which was in 2018, Although I did not profit from that purchase it was a good move to invest only a small amount.
  9. I personally think that it is good that it is being implemented in India knowing that there are a lot of talented and smart people residing there, as we all know majority of the engineers are from India.
  10. I personally think that hold term holding is doing to be subjective into different types of people. There are going to be people that would rather want their investments to be liquid which means easier to convert, and that would mean holding cryptocurrencies for a short period.
  11. As I have read into the forum, there was a post saying a certain country is preparing to add cryptocurrency lessons into the student's load. For the mean time youtube videos are very informative to boost your knowledge about cryptocurrency and on how it works.
  12. I actually depends into who you are, if you are going to be the buyer or the seller. Although personally I think that as each day passes by, chances are the prices are going to stay at a higher rate due to its decreasing supply.
  13. I agree that with the innovations and with the further discovery of the people about bitcoin, the world is slowly making changes into cryptocurrency and refining it so that it fits into the real world.
  14. I personally think that earning 1 btc per week would be impossible unless you already have a huge capital which is more than 1 btc in where you can easily day trade these and earn.
  15. I agree that cryptocurrency can change people's lives. It has advantages and disadvantages of course, people are then able to earn and access it easily but then this could mean that people will be so attached into technology and would drift away from the real world.
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