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  1. Will there be benefits for Twitter users? when happens?
  2. is this news true? Twitter's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jack Dorsey, through his official Twitter account states that the social media application wants to immediately move its platform to the blockchain system what do you think?
  3. the possibility is somewhat impossible, because it is different from the value of the currency if one currency is made the whole world must sign the agreement officially
  4. Very good information, I will try it hopefully it does pay on the site
  5. I don't feel any complaints at all, maybe your connection is the problem or the browser is being used on your cellphone
  6. Reporting from Our Bitcoin News, on the last day of 2019 Ethereum (ETH) survived an attack that almost closed its entire network. Australian blockchain developer Liam Aharon said that the attack took advantage of software defects in the widely used Ethereum client. Aharon said that the attack failed because Geth's client was immune to this special attack. If ETH does not have this client, the attack will have serious problems for crypto. That attack seemed to be something Ethereum could easily win. However, this year XRP can bring even more trouble to Ethereum. XRP has succeeded in surpassing ETH in overall transaction value. Normality floated on the crypto market on the first day of this year. ETH recorded more than $ 80.4 million in transaction value. XRP only got $ 20.34 million. However, the scenario changes when XRP reaches $ 214.34 million in transaction value. In addition to beating his own record, XRP successfully beat the leading altcoin in the market. On the same day Ethereum only made $ 137.26 million. The stakes for Ethereum to shine in 2020 are huge. The popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) can be a major cause of ETH excellence. That's because the growth of the DeFi application has focused on the altcoin blockchain. Dapp.com revealed that more than 75% of DeFi applications are active on Ethereum. While EOS came in second with only 11% of applications. Throughout 2019 the DeFi application was able to outperform gaming and gambling applications in the number of users at various points this year. As reported by Bitcoin Guide, Ian Balina, a smooth blockchain specialist and ICO and CEO of Token Metrics, believes Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin in market value in the 2020s. source : https://ourbitcoinnews.com/will-xrp-overtake-ethereum-in-2019/
  7. apparently I was late getting this good information, not my fortune
  8. if that happens maybe a little bit ambiguous and there will probably be a debate with other traders
  9. to reach $ 8k might be a little difficult for today, unless there are miracles and high prices
  10. bitcoin will continue to increase, according to the news but it will decrease slowly first
  11. may and may not be in my opinion, because there are several factors that influence the ups and downs of these prices maybe others know that factor
  12. honestly with this forum I can get knowledge and a little income, because it does not waste time, in my spare time can read and pour a little ideas and debate healthy with others
  13. The increase in Bitcoin to thousands of percent is a joy, especially when remembering that it was worth nothing when it was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It was designed as an exchange method that can be sent electronically between users in the world and does not have a centralized control network. Bitcoin, by contrast, is run by a computer network that tracks all transactions on the blockchain ledger. For many people, technology is reason enough to support that idea. On the other hand, loyal fans of Bitcoin see what promises to change the global financial system in the technology used. "This is the first time there is a real separation like church and your country has a separation of money and state, that's innovation, that's the excitement," said, "said Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, a crypto lending platform to Bloomberg.
  14. According to information from the news around 30 December, the South Korean government stated that based on the current law, the government cannot impose income tax on individual profits from digital currency transactions. Under current taxation laws in South Korea, individual profits from cryptocurrency transactions are not taxed because they are not registered in the income tax law. But, this is in contrast because recently the National Tax Service imposed a tax bill of 80 billion won ($ 68.9 million) on the local Bithumb Korea crypto exchange. Yet according to the ministry, South Korea's income tax law contains enumerations that only collect income that is registered under tax. Because individual profits from virtual currency transactions are not listed as income. This income is not included in income taxes. Not surprisingly, Bithumb plans to submit to avoid paying bills, because taxation rules have not been applied to the cryptocurrency trading industry. Will this be a benefit for cryptocurrency users?
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