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  1. Thanks for the reminders mate, I think that was the most common things to do on how to avoid those fraudulent projects and its better to check and familiarize first the project functions and promises including its product and services if it was possible or it was only a too good to be true plus the identity of the team it's also important.
  2. I think using different wallets just to secure your coins is not needed if you are just holding a single cryptocurrency instead just keep your keys in private and secure place and if the wallet has a 2fA function its more better accompanied with strong password But if you have holding more than one I recommend to use a hardware wallet because its far better and more secure compare to online wallets.
  3. IMHO, I think its not going to happen because Bitcoin price today at $10K it is almost impossible for YO token to catch it maybe YO token has a promising future but the purpose its not to beat the King Bitcoin but to be one of the most stable price cryptocurrency in the Market.
  4. Happy 1st Year Anniversary CryptoTalk forum I hope more development will come to the CryptoTalk forum,
  5. In my place theres is no Bitcoin ATM yet but there's alot of way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies But in the capital City of my country there are some Bitcoin ATM's in the hotels and even in the Commercial Bank so I believe That was good start to adopt the cryptocurrency use in my country.
  6. Yes I agree that Bitcoin price fluctuation it's a clear evidence of its volatility, besides of Bitcoin dominance in the crypto market as the largest and pioneering cryptocurrency it doesn't mean that it was exempted from the crypto market weird fluctuation, cryptocurrencies are highly volatility asset that's why it needs to be more precise in terms of crypto Investment.
  7. IMHO, I think taxing the cryptocurrency transaction is a normal thing to do in a state its a citizen obligation decentralized is not an issue about taxation its all about the citizenry if you are a citizen of a state your obliged to pay your TAX as a citizen as long as it was fair and square.
  8. A piece of advice don't ride with the "FOMO" because I'm already experienced it and it will not "END" well, just observe some precaution while dealing UNISWAP token because many Investors are speculate regarding its value that's why the UNI token price went crazy it may suddenly collapse and leave many investors crying now everyone is happy because the hype was still there and we don't know how long it would be so it's better to be aware about the risk.
  9. Positively speaking I believe YES, if I have a power to see the future it would be easy for me to determine if the BTC price will be skyrocketed in October, but as we always saying in the crypto industry everything can happen witheir its positive or negative we don't know yet all we can do is to believe that it will be happen.
  10. Investing in cryptocurrencies is not that simple because it is associated with risk thats why before investing in crypto space you should have familiarized first all of the basic functions about crypto investment to avoid problems along the way, because cryptocurrency investment is a high risk type of investment due to its volatile nature.
  11. This is weird judgement it is something that court needs to be clarified about the theft and how it was just limited to the real world assets or property I think that's a disgrace decision it might be use by other people to victimized cryptocurrency holders because its not a crime.
  12. IMHO, only Chainlink and Basic Attention Token or (BAT) is familiar to me and I say that this tokens are already stable in terms of price so it has potentials to reach ATH soon if the Market Trend will continue to be working like it was, About Origin and Coindeal token I don't know much about it so I can say anything. favorably or contrary with its status.
  13. I think the first cryptocurrencies have a chance to achieve global adoption is those coins that has more liquidity, faster transactions not clogging and specially with lesser TX fees, I think Ripple's XRP coin was a good candidate in that possession because it was primarily used in cross border Payments cheap TX fees and faster Blockchain.
  14. I think its not going to happen, Although that XRP is one of the most stabled price coin in the crypto market, but Ethereum has an ace in 2020 and that was the Defi projects that is using Ethereum smart-contracts I believe that Defi projects are the main drivers why Ether price was pushing upward.
  15. Will thats interesting story, let's see how though the Monero's privacy encryption and how long it can defend its privacy function further IRS is very determine undress the Monero's privacy encryption technology so we better follow this very interesting event and wait what will happens next!
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