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  1. Last day i earned 21 USDT for doing trading on Binance just a small amount but it was challenging im having a hard time to produce that amount since it was traded manually most traders are using automated systems.
  2. I think most of those you are mentioned are helpful, But sometimes not every cryptocurrency users paying attention to these like me i hold some coins but i don't use any hardware wallets and i believe most of users don't use hardware wallets. just keep your private key in safe place i think that was the most important.
  3. Coin/token is not a product its only a native currency on the platform. But the big question is how can it be use the coin/token if the platform was no product or services to drive and create demand for its native currency (coin/token) in the platform.
  4. Just deposit it on any exchange that supporting fiat deposits, and trade that just simple But be sure to choose the trusted exchange before you make any transaction to be sure that it was safe or else your risk of losing your money if you didn't carefully choosing the right exchange.
  5. Crypto trading and Forex trading has differences in terms of volatility and fluctuation forex trading is just a pure trading on Fiat, which is considerably stable in terms of value, while the cryptocurrency is opposite because of its weird volatility and massive price fluctuation. i think that's the two major differences in both trading function.
  6. Why did you confuse much? it was the same meaning cryptocurrency and altcoins are both synonymous since they are using the same method called "cryptography" and using the technology called Blockchain alternative coins, are also cryptocurrency for real!
  7. Base on the supply and demand basis, TRON was still very large supply compare to Ethereum that's why i don't believe that TRX will rise more that its previous ATH, while Ethereum has a lot of potentials lets wait and see until the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will be put in place.
  8. For me i was hold some waves and i traded waves base token on waves DEX that's why i have a bias personal forecast about waves im very positive that it will return to $1 dollar level in no time Since it was one of the few platform that quite useful to experience since it was very simple even to make your own token.
  9. Your question is hard to answer because of the reason that nothing permanent in crypto industry, With that settings of chosen price it would be hard to predict if that token would be still exist in your given timeframe. I think you should find more promising token. with a decent price settings.
  10. Well that's a quite good gains, But still it was just low compare to the previous altcoin indicators that driving also the 2017-2018 bullrun, Lets continue believing that altcoins will continue to gain much steam to drive the market into a much positive gains.
  11. Too many red flags that quitely exist in these industry, But some of it are already become norms. Let's go backed in the 2017-2018 ICO hype breakout many questionable projects are successfully raising a huge amount of money. even without proper whitepaper info, teams are faked or hiding in the anonymity etc.
  12. Yes if the centralized coin was useful and has a product that already working, I think that's enough reason to create a demand and the price definitely increased overtime, for I don't see any problem with those decentralized and centralized aspect of any crypto currencvy as long as they are useful to the population and in the industry.
  13. Faucets today specially Bitcoin faucets are still paying but they reduce the reward and expand the time limit for claiming Faucets are just design to bring traffic to that particular website that offered the service in earned via advertisements.
  14. Honestly Yes! in regards to trading that was my common mistakes that keep repeatedly happening, the causes is I was easily overpowered with my emotion in terms of making decision that resulted in losing of money.
  15. For me If i want to earn something it was better to balance my time so i can find any good option to make my day useful, Those that you mentioned are just option, But if you sleep all day without doing something you will become a unproductive person. so its better to use those two options. rather than sleep all day.
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