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  1. I pity you brother but to avoid the same problem next transaction look at your phone screen, if you are unable to see it clear zoom it before clicking over the link. And this should as lesson we all know every businesses has a risk so let bear it as a destiny
  2. @whited23 offcus i make some research about the oh how secure it is and i found the is legit but apps is not 100 percent trusted since hackers can hack it easily than web version and our assets needs proper secure
  3. In my point of view non of them is easly to to earn, it only depend on your eaning return assuming you are bing paid a good salary for your job you will earn alot in a short time but if you are paid little you can't earn much in a shor time that also applicable for bitcon
  4. Luno is the one of the most safest wallet it is very genuine and trusted with less transaction charges, it is have high and fast connectivity and it is also reliable software and efficient. But share yours safest wallet also i can have more to manage @Trader21 What is hardware or offline wallet I don't understand because I'm newbie in crypto currency. I will be happy if put light on this hardware or offline wallet thank you for sharing
  5. We have to criticize topic or post that seems to be scarm or sparm but it should in polit word not in fight and abuse. Absolutely abuse and fight words are prohibited in the forum.
  6. Don't worry you shall be paid for all your legit post after contribution of 100 post for the forum but the payment is done after 7days of post so you should hopefully for your payment as concern to this rules
  7. It's good before but it's not good to invest on ico as many airdrop now are not legit and seems as scarm. It is good to invest on crypto currency like bitcon etc for safe and good return earnings
  8. Is block chain, coinbase, and key base give away genuine airdrop, if they are can you share how do i do have mine because i really need free genuine give away so called air drop
  9. This make awareness for newbies and a rember for experts , actually you will be if you are caught with sparm or against rules of the forum. It's therefore settled down and read the rules of the forum before starting post
  10. Translators need to knows that a translator must know much on both language in order to avoid misleading and misunderstanding of the project to users. This has much required in this days not everyony can speak and write English
  11. Luno is best among the wallet it's very secure, efficient, less scarm and easy it also has less charge transaction charges. I'm currently stand with it for now
  12. I don't trust this method of earning because you must spend most of your time download apps, watch videos, answer survays and much more without reach minum required for withdrawal. This is poor method for you to adapt i rather choose to post here and earning
  13. The most preferable that drives people attention to yobit is legit and easy to trade. It has several coins that best for market, it also give away a free legit coins some times.
  14. Definitely you shared a nice idea I'm not tweets but i can see that tweeter help one to earn some coin that is awesome activities i will tweet you to have more information but i recommend you share more in this forum.
  15. Forex broker is widely spread almost ever where. But there are fakes forex that can lead some one loose all capital because of Its scarm one should try to engage in search about the platform or app when he/she trying to trade
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