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  1. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and you are a member of some cryptocurrency groups on Telegram, I am sure that everyday there are many scammers who adding you to Telegram groups dedicated to scams and fake projects without your permission, and after this, you will see that many members of these scam groups are sending private messages to you and trying to steal your coins. To avoid those fraudsters I am going to give you a tip that will protect you from being added to those scam telegram groups without your permission, just follow these steps: 1- Go to Telegram settings. 2- Go to Privacy and Security. 3- Go to Groups & channels. 4- You will see the section: “Group invite Settings” then you will see "Who can add me to groups and channels" 5- Change it from "Everybody" to "My contacts" then click on "SAVE" By doing this you are protecting yourself from many fraudulent attempts. If you want a person who isn't in your contacts, want him to add you to a Telegram group, then you can click on "Add exceptions" then click on "Always allow - Add users" and add him manually. If you have other ways which will help users of cryptotalk forum to avoid crypto scammers on Telegram, then feel free to mention them in the comments.
  2. Hello, in this topic, I am giving you some advice on how to use Ginger software to improve the quality of your posts on cryptotalk forum: 1- Visit Ginger software website by clicking here: 2- Write the sentence which you want to write it on in the box, then click on "Ginger it!" button. 3- You will see another box in blue, which contains your sentence without spelling and grammar mistakes. 4- You can click on "copy to clipboard" if you want to copy the correct sentence and paste it into your post or comment in cryptotalk forum. Note that Ginger software has a browser add-on which will make this process easier. If you have any tips which will help the users of cryptotalk forum to avoid some embarrassing mistakes, then please leave a comment below. In this photo I made a test by writing a sentence full of mistakes, look how Ginger software corrected these mistakes easily.
  3. I don't feel comfortable with it, in most of the cases, PayPal will close their PayPal accounts because they are Bitcoin companies, I think that they will stop providing their services sooner or later.
  4. In my opinion, HitBTC is a good cryptocurrency exchange because of its low fees and its high liquidity, and because it uses cold wallet for storage of funds, but some countries are banned from trading on it.
  5. I have purchased and sold Bitcoins through VirWox many times so, in my opinion was legit, it was one of the main ways we can buy Bitcoin via PayPal.
  6. There are many excellent exchanges but I prefer Yobit because it has good liquidity, it lists many cryptocurrencies, it doesn't require KYC and I didn't have any problem by using Yobit.
  7. ABCC exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore, it is applying for licenses in Malta and it is cooperating with authorities in Singapore, and the exchange team is working hard to improve it. But the withdrawal limit is 2 BTC per day if your account is not verified. In my opinion, it is a good exchange which will be very successful in the near future.
  8. Each month there are many new cryptocurrency exchanges because there are no Restrictions about setting up a new cryptocurrency exchange, about 400 exchanges can be tracked on Coingeko, but I think that it is difficult to know the exact number of them.
  9. BarryHoward

    BTC Alpha

    I think this exchange is not regulated and it is not overseen by any authority and many users complained that their accounts blocked without any explanation, and it has relatively high withdrawal fees, I didn't like it.
  10. These days I am using binance, There are many trading fee levels, it is (0.1% for level VIP0 ), you can decrease your trading fees by holding Binance’s native token (BNB) or by increasing your trading volume.
  11. I think it can be possible that this is a requirement from the local regulators, but a cryptocurrency exchange can't be a DEX and ask for KYC at the same time.
  12. In my opinion, most of cryptocurrency exchanges are still faking most of their volume, but some cryptocurrency exchanges report their actual volumes, like Kraken, Bittrex and Binance for example.
  13. Yes, you can get some free Bitcoins on Coinbase, BUT you have to buy or sell at least $100 worth of cryptocurrency and I think that you have to go through a complicated form of KYC procedure.
  14. Yes, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges which are accepting credit card like CoinMama, Local Bitcoins, and Coinbase, But on Coinbase and Local Bitcoins you need to upload a photo of a valid ID to verify your account.
  15. Yes, the global crypto exchange market is faking a lot of its daily volume because users tend to avoid cryptocurreny exchanges with low liquidity, we should encourage market data providers to filter out fake volume.
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