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  1. That's right, my friend, there are pages on the Telegram program dedicated to the price of digital currencies They give you the price regularly But I don't trust them much, so I log into the Yobit platform, as it is my trusted source
  2. My friend, in countries that do not have a digital bank, you need to use an intermediary who takes digital currencies from you and gives you money But my friend, you should adopt a trusted broker in order not to be scammed
  3. I have not used referral links and am not explicitly considering making money from referral links I think inviting people to the forum for me is self-service because you are inviting the people you love and want them to learn and win, not for the sake of earning through their participation via your referral link.
  4. It's true my friend, reading makes you learn how to get involved and how to create new and interesting topics I know I spent an entire week reading before sharing here and commenting on any topic After completing 100 free posts, I dedicated myself to reading and learning how to write after my access to the paid posts.
  5. There are many programs that convert between digital currencies and calculate how much your digital currency is worth in your country's currency You can also view currency rates on the Yobit platform, as they give regular prices
  6. The suggestion you're talking about is nice, it shows the active members, distinguishes them, and pays them more coins This pushes all members to be active and makes the forum very advanced
  7. I think that the forum is necessary, as it is the gateway to the world of digital currencies The information here is needed by the expert and the novice The way we exchange information, earn and transact, makes this forum very essential
  8. How I would like to experience this feeling that you reap the fruits of your labor and succeed in the field of digital currencies and withdraw part of your balance Someday I will do it and tell everyone my success Congratulations, my friend
  9. Putting a random reaction has a negative effect on us You can read the topics and judge your mind and develop an appropriate response I get frustrated when I see a negative reaction to useful posts, either for me or for one of the members here
  10. My friend, the features the forum added in the new campaign prompted a lot of people to join and that's okay Additionally, there are multiple ways to earn the token, and that's okay too There is not much left for us to reap the benefits of our work and know the value of talking
  11. Deleting a topic is very sad. Sometimes thoughts are similar to another topic, and the deletion takes place I hope that we know the criterion by which posts are deleted so that we avoid them and distance themselves from them in order to preserve the effort that we make in return for these posts
  12. This is an excellent job, my friend A great addition to the forum and for beginners It helps us a lot in knowing everything we need about digital currencies thank you my friend
  13. The standard here is based on the content of the topic that you created. Your topic must be new, understandable and clear, and talk about digital currencies or a question related to the forum As for comments, your comment should be clear and explicit and not deviate from the content of the topic you are commenting on
  14. The forum leaderboard is constantly changing. Some members have decreased their activity over time, while others have continued, and are still in the lead. We must work actively to reach the top and write our names on the leaderboard We should not be lazy
  15. My friend, first, I want to explain something to you Commenting more than once on the same topic does not make you subject to a warning or a ban But when calculating the paid posts, only one comment is counted Secondly, there is an option at the bottom of the page, which are unread topics that you can view. It will put in front of you all the topics that you have not read In addition, pay attention to the message notification next to the topics, if they are black, this means that you have entered the topic and comment But if it is in white, the topic is new to you, you can enter and comment
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