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  1. The cross-border payments market continues to grow as international trade, migration, and economic developments evolve. Currently, financial institutions such as banks are a dominant player in cross-border payments, with a 95% market share. However, their remittances and services lack transparency, attract high costs, and result in delays. These long-standing hurdles can be overcome with blockchain technologies such as Ripple. Ripple provides cutting-edge mechanisms for customer-centric and innovative payment services. It aims to change the current payment landscape entirely by overcoming traditional pain points or even replacing the existing financial services system.
  2. That's one big idea.Bitcoin is the source of cryptography.After the coin was released, new coins and tokens appeared with their single-use cases and innovations. The blockchain evolved and so do lots of coins joined it. Altcoins or alternative pieces use the same decentralised concept as Bitcoin, but takes things one step further with their original and new features. To be more concise, altcoins improve the overall functionality of crypto, process transactions faster than bitcoin.
  3. I think it is not possible. Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the code that created it, and, along with Hal Finney, became the first Bitcoin miner (“along with”, because two computers were required to form the first Bitcoin network that allowed Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work algorithm, aka “mining”, to operate).
  4. Bitcoin is actually pseudoanonymized. That could surprise some people. But Bitcoin is not really anonymous, but pseudo-anonymous. By its very nature, people can use, exchange, and maintain Bitcoin anonymously, without having to identify the information shared with the world. However, Bitcoin works over the network and people must access it through the network. Therefore, it will be associated with IP addresses, and even worse, it will be associated with hardware MAC ID addresses. The registry is public and anyone can view the public portfolio on the channel. With enough time, energy, and usage patterns, one can track wallets to individuals. Users can also use a new address for each transaction, Bitcoin interference in Mixer, and use the VPN to mask IP addresses.
  5. Cryptocurrencies are an on-going technological and socio-economic experiment.As a result, the blockchain space is booming with new opportunities like being able to invest on Platform like Cryptobroker Cryptocurrency Investment Platform (www.cryptobroker.store) where you get double of your invested cryptocurrency after 30days . With a market capitalization of approximately $280 billion, you can be assured that this industry is here to stay. This new industry is always evolving, so the sooner you get to know it, the more likely you are to benefit from its future development. This is a fascinating period in human history. For the first time ever, we have an asset class that is completely resistant to censorship, offers a real rarity and is non-taxable. Such qualities in a monetary system are highly attractive.
  6. I am from iran.Bitcoin is not yet fully acknowledged in Iran, but investing, owning or using Bitcoin in the country is not a crime. Bitcoin mining is an industry in Iran and it is legal, but it must obtain the necessary permits from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Energy, otherwise the electricity organization can prevent the use of electricity for this activity and the law enforcement force has the right to confiscate mining devices Has.
  7. Blockchain Marketing has been implicated in recent years with the rise of the cryptographic market. I’ve seen companies who raised millions of dollars in a manner of hours and the main reason for this success was a massive blockchain marketing campaign.If you want to find out all you need to know about blockchain marketing, you can start here.if you want to get more information please follow this content in google "Blockchain Marketing The Ultimate Guide".
  8. The backbone of the ideology on which Bitcoin was built was decentralization in order to serve justice to that Satoshi Nakamoto withdrawn from the project and left to other voluntary developers who contributed to Bitcoin. This is consistent with the philosophy that no person or entity can have a say in modifying the rules of the protocol rather, the consensus among miners running the Bitcoin core and the complete nodes stocking the blockchain agreed on. Simply put, the network chooses to apply the changes. The Bitcoin network is currently comparable to the largest light-year supercomputer ahead of many single computer, but that does not exist in a secure establishment like Zone 51 or a university, rather distributed across the globe regardless of borders. Satoshi Nakamoto most likely won't come forward because a lot of governments worldwide will harass him or them (if they are in fact a group of people or a secret cryptographic society) and attempt to prosecute him/them for trying to execute such a technology which bypasses central banks and government rules.
  9. If we fear something, we are too afraid to face it, and it remains in our mind forever as something which only causes the negativity and emotions of anxiety.The only way to not fall into the trap of fear is to brave it, face it.Otherwise, our whole life will go by just petrified of something and worrying.
  10. I think the answer to that question depends on topics such as Just how sustainable is the demand in the face of the evolution of society?Many people believe that bitcoin is more like gold than dollars or euro. Gold is not the product of a nation, a bank, or a guarantor. Gold does not need infrastructure to support point-to-point traffic and transmission. And gold cannot be inflated by edict—only by discovery and lots of work. And of course, gold has no regional seat of power. In all these ways, bitcoin is like gold, but with distinct advantages: It can’t be forged, it is less expensive to wear (almost free), and it can be field-tested easily. Like gold, it does not rely on an authoritarian or trusted registry.
  11. Country spending is rising all the time. That can be done by creating money. The wrong result of this, is, the decreasing value of currency fiat around the world. In the US, in 1951, with a dollar you could buy the same things, like today, you buy with 10 or more. In the long run, this shows that today’s dollar worth is 1/10 of the 1951 dollar’s value. Bitcoin retains its value and has the opposite impact. You can purchase a lot more stuff with 1 Bitcoin, compared to three years ago. So Bitcoin’s value has risen. for the same reasons, the third-world people deal with cryptocurrency more so that they can come over inflation available in these countries
  12. For any transaction, the collection of taxes or even license fees is not worth the trouble if the value of the transaction is “small”.The cost of holding such entries eclipses the collection that could have been done. For instance, it would be impractical to impose copyright every time we watch a movie or listen to a song? With a distributed ledger, you can have much smaller entries and applicable taxes or license fees on them. Distributed ledgers - like blockchain - can expand the tax base - and reduce taxes - to achieve the same collection objective.
  13. Bitcoin faucets used to be a viable option to earn small amounts of bitcoin many years ago, but as of about 2 years ago (since,2018), when bitcoin prices moved into the territory of the thousands of US dollars the amount given is no longer worth the effort.To answer your question about how much money you could make from Bitcoin taps these days, the typical number is in satoshis to two figures or less, i.e. with six leading zeros in BTC. At 0.00000050 BTC per action per day, and taking the current price at $7,000 per BTC, that would be equivalent to 0.35 cents (about one-third of a cent). If you do that and earn an accumulated 3.5 cents after 10 days and HODL that for a few years until bitcoin reaches $70,000, that would be then worth 35 cents. Hardly worth the effort for the actions you would need to perform repeatedly to earn from that faucet.
  14. Litecoin is old when it comes to crypto. In 2012, it was objectively better than Bitcoin and has not exploded. It has been passed up by many other coins, at least 10 started after it and are worth more than it. Soon atomic transactions are decreasing which would allow bitcoin to be traded in Bitcoin. Might it be the innovation that makes litecoin enormous. Seems unlikely. In general, inventors are and have been cold on litecoin and as a result, it has been comparably stable and uneventful in the marketplace.
  15. For each currency, either printed or virtual, it is very easy to determine:May be used by any person as a payment tool;May be claimed by any person legally owning the coin; Have a fair establishment or fair authority as a legal issuer that it provides a full guarantee by certain underlying or backup assets by its authority in case of dispute or claims. The universe has been providing a rules, anyone can have anykind of wealth only by good faith and fairly measurable. If you violate that rules you never get a true win.
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