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  1. The most important advice I see is analyzing Bitcoin, as it is a general indicator of the sword and also an analysis of liquidity in it, this will help determine its direction and thus the market direction in general.
  2. XRP has low fees and fast transfer, as well as TRX and LTC currency, as well as USDT on the TRC20 network, but it is not available on Ubit, its fees are almost zero and the money is transferred within a few seconds.
  3. These steps are very easy and the withdrawal in general is not complicated and I think soon, Ubait will add Paypal to the banks that deal with it, and this matter will solve many problems, especially since Paypal has allowed the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies recently.
  4. If you do not use the same e-mail in the forum to register on the platform, the payment will not take place, and the platform does not want a different e-mail, but rather you want a unique user name, it may be the username that you set a previous user.
  5. Youbet is the easiest platform to deal with and its interface is very easy to use. Now, with the addition of the robotrade option, it is possible to set the purchase price, the selling price and the quantity to be traded, which is an excellent step, and this matter in my opinion will contribute in some way to raising the liquidity of a platform with a global reputation
  6. Of course, especially at its current price, so the best thing is to look for a currency whose price is suitable for little capital and tend to speculate in Bitcoin and its price and for long periods, i.e. adopting distant goals that extend for months because the momentary speculation in it is dangerous, except that it is rapidly changing and volatile.
  7. The price of Bitcoin has doubled tremendously from the moment of its existence until now and has become a place to invest money and simply create it to stay And now there are people who buy it, whatever the price, with the aim of investing for a long period of several years, as the profits will be very large.
  8. In general, there are currencies that do not own a blockchain, which are specific to Yobit, and therefore their price is determined by the traders on the platform only. As for the rest of the major currencies, the matter is different and in my opinion the main currencies are first for investment and secondly for other currencies with small amounts of capital.
  9. The first advice for them is to learn analysis and adopt the simplest strategies, which are buying when support and selling when resisting, and learning to extract them from the currency chart. Secondly, adopting other strategies such as entering with sequential parts of the price and exiting the same.
  10. The investment fund contains a large number of currencies to invest in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies such as the Russian ruble and the US dollar Each currency contains a minimum and a higher limit, some of them contain specific activities and some of them do not require that Others require the possession of a specific currency to be in the daily, weekly or monthly rate.
  11. I do not think that offering a fixed cryptocurrency is subject to a centralized and financial system that is controlled, especially if it is a country or several countries in line with the concept of a decentralized cryptocurrency market Especially with the endless liquidity support
  12. In my opinion, Ethereum has two points, $ 320 and $ 430, and a break of either of them determines the direction and the separation between them is $ 393. If it is broken above the target 430 and broken, it can be entered by buying and this is what I see based on technical analysis.
  13. The news and liquidity entering the strong buying areas and breaking the strong selling areas as well all contribute to determining the trend of Bitcoin, and in addition, our technical, financial and directed analyzes can be supported by good news from major people in the crypto world.
  14. You can sell it, but at a higher price than the offered price and not at a lower price, meaning that you need time for the price to reach your price, as the process is in order and in general this currency is distinct and we see the absolute support for yobit for it.
  15. Now waiting for the new Ethereum network 2.0, according to what we publish, the number of transactions that can be performed will increase to thousands per second, and it is absolutely certain that the price of this currency will rise in a crazy way.
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