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  1. Yes, I noticed that banks cannot reject bitcoin and blockchain, many prohibit bitcoin as a transaction or asset, but banks cannot block it and can turn it into fiat instead. I think this is the advantage of bitcoin as a digital asset.
  2. I also want the closest crypto ATM. Crypto is not money that can be withdrawn and has a physical form, crypto ATMs function as a place for conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat or vice versa, so this makes it easier for crypto users when converting it to fiat.
  3. If we talk about which one to remove from the two, I think nothing will be removed, because both have good value. Today bitcoin and USD have many investors and are coins that are in great demand. Removed coins are usually not in high demand.
  4. In my opinion, there are many advantages of cryptocurrency including, having many types of cryptos that can be used, avoiding taxes, cheaper transaction fees, fluctuating investment value. So far, using paypal has had fewer problems with higher transaction fees.
  5. Blockchain technology is the future of world finance, better than today's finance. Nowadays fiat currencies are no longer functioning properly, fiat values are slowly falling, so people are slowly turning to blockchain technology such as cryptocurrencies whose value is constantly increasing.
  6. In my opinion, the dark web is an activity that can be done to protect privacy and anonymity so that transactions are not tracked. Maybe there are people who need privacy coins as transactions and also their assets so that they are not traced. Community needs vary and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with using it.
  7. Bitcoin is very comparable to buying pizza, but back then it was very cheap. Now bitcoin has a very high price and can go higher so I think it is better for a long term investment. It was unthinkable at the time that the price of bitcoin would go up as high as it is now.
  8. Of course I really look forward to when talk tokens are listed and we can exchange them. I can't wait to trade on yobit, I hope the talk token price will be high so we can expand our portfolio on yobit.
  9. I think the price of bitcoin will go up, even more so by splitting it. You can view bitcoin price charts on the Coinmarketcap website, where you can predict prices using technical and fundamental analysis.
  10. In my opinion, there are many advantages of cryptocurrency for the people there, it is enough to help the economy of a region, but on the other hand cryptocurrency is detrimental to the government because there is no tax they can receive. So they make many decisions because they are confused about what to do. Multiple decisions are the only option they can choose.
  11. After the economic crisis in Venezuela, cryptocurrency is really needed there. The crisis that occurred due to inflation had a bad impact on the economy. By accepting cryptocurrency it is hoped that the Venezuelan economy will recover. In my country, cryptocurrency is legal and can be an alternative transaction tool after local currency.
  12. I think most of the bitcoin mining is in China. The price of bitcoin will rise after half, the increase has occurred since January this year and is still increasing until now. We'll see if the halving has a big effect on the significant increase in the price of Bitcoin.
  13. Yes I think we can avoid 10 enemies in the trade. We must learn not to be stubborn when trading, because trading is not something that can be done quickly and also get a quick profit. Avoid the 10 habits above so that you can become a successful trader.
  14. For this year I invested in Litecoin, the reason is this coin is similar to Bitcoin so there is a possibility that the price will be very high in the future. These coins are also decentralized, making them suitable for both long and short term investments. When compared to other coins like bitcoin and ETH, they are too expensive so I can't buy them.
  15. Onden


    Yes, I get frustrated when I don't get rewarded for doing a small task on a bounty site. It made me angry and I didn't want to work there anymore. Currently the legitimate site that gives out gifts is CryptoTalk.
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