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Found 11 results

  1. The Cryptocurrency revolution started with the introduction of the defunct e-gold which was the brain-child of the creator of the Liberty Reserve vault. The idea was later fraught by inefficiency on the part of the creator and was later outlawed. The Bitcoin idea was later hashed and every effort was made by the creator of the Cryptocurrency to make it last the test of time. Bitcoin gained popularity and global acceptance. Other altcoins creation was inspired by the global acceptability of Bitcoin. Though many altcoins have emerged overtime but their value are always measured on the parameters of the prevailing price of Bitcoin in the exchange market. Consequently, a rise or fall in the price of Bitcoin brings about a corresponding rise or fall in the prices of other altcoin.
  2. The Future of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Price Predictions! Some financial examiners anticipate a major change in crypto is approaching as institutional cash enters the market. Additionally, there is the likelihood that crypto will be coasted on the Nasdaq, which would additionally add validity to blockchain and its uses as an option in contrast to customary monetary standards. Bitcoin (BTC) value expectation is a shaky issue notwithstanding the host of experts and financial specialists wanting to make a benefit. Bitcoin's worth is resolved second-by-second, step by step by a market that never closes or gets shut. As a digital money's worth is dictated by an open market, this presents enormous difficulties around unpredictability that most monetary forms don't confront. While cryptographic money value forecast is a steadily moving objective, market education is basic for somebody to get the most incentive out of their investment in the crypto economy.
  3. Bitcoin, prices are quite moving and volatile. I'm trying to follow and capture these volatile movements. In this way, I hope to make money. Next time, my bitcoin price estimate is here. What is your estimate of bitcoin prices?
  4. I really wish that the price of Bitcoin would come crashing down to say $100 or $50. This would reset the imbalance that has made whales hold most of the bitcoins. I suppose if it really crash fast and hard most whales would drop it like hot potatoes. This hoarding (hodling is killing Bitcoin. What do you think?
  5. Each of us has expectations in the Bitcoin currency, there are those who believe that the year 2021 will see very strong rises because the global crisis from the Corona epidemic has not ended yet, and therefore more investments in Bitcoin because it highlighted its strength as a safe haven, and others think that the positivity has ended and the current prices are at 35 thousand dollars It is the highest peak the price has reached, and we will now start a downward trend. What do you think about the year 2021, either up or down.
  6. What happens if all exchanges limit the bottom price order of bitcoin? In my view, this is something necessary. Considering it's been ten years since Satoshi introduced this technology. For ten years, the supporters of bitcoin have provided opportunities for newcomers, both individuals, and institutions. And I think that's enough. Now is the time for believers. By limiting the price of bitcoin order, the prices will not drop again from the base price. And believers can enjoy the results of their struggle. Of course, this will also bring new arrivals because they will know that their investment is safe. The difference is they have to start from that limited base price. Of course, this is not an easy task; all bitcoin exchanges and communities will need to sit together and decide how low will the base price is. Yes, this is just a proposal. What do you think? Share your though.
  7. Bitcoin Support Levels (4H Timeframe) Here we have BTCUSD on the 4H timeframe and the bearish bias is gaining a bit of momentum now, still developing. Prices broke below EMA10 with the next target sitting at $8334 or EMA50. It is still early on this drop and the trading volume is still low but, this is likely to go below EMA50 or even lower. We remain open to seeing the markets/charts change at any and all times, that is why we always have a plan/strategy in place BEFORE we decide to trade. What do you think about that?
  8. In this Topic I am going to Talk about a Influencer who has been proponent of Bitcoin since long time. 7Years ago(2013, May 9) He had uploaded a video to ask every users watching the video to buy 1$ worth of Bitcoin. In that video he had explained pretty much for the financial advice. However it was 1$ worth of Investment. At that time on May the price of 1Bitcoin was 130$ and if anyone had invested 1$ blindly at that time. They would have bought 0.0076 Btc by spending 1$. Link to the video: Now, if we see the current exchange rate 0.0076Btc Costs about 137$. It's 136X growth on the price within a decade or less. It seems he had already pre-figured the potential of Bitcoin as you can clearly see in his 7 years old Comments in his video. The comments are also made 7 years ago. I have represented this scenario to express how Bitcoin would have changed our life if we have bought some Btc at that time taking his suggestion.(I just watched his video in 2020). We can't go back and buy that Bitcoin at cheap but it gives the strong and life changing lesson in my perspective. Now the real question is are we going to see such massive move from Bitcoin in coming 7-10 years? Or there is certain limit for Bitcoin after which it can't go beyond? Please share your constructive opinions and views about the question and the short past history I mentioned above.
  9. With the current cryptocurrency revolution, which altcoin do you think would compete favourably with bitcoin in terms of price and global acceptance?
  10. Hi everyone! What will be the price of bitcoin in the next 12 months: $2500 or $25000? Please tell me, what are your conclusions based on? (Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash)
  11. Is there any bad news regarding bitcoin or any crypto currency ? why is its going down ?
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