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  1. That is the spirit. When bitcoin is in dump it is always to buy rather than to sell because it will surely bounce back at the right time. So you can make an easy profit to it.
  2. It is impossible because bitcoin is above everything else even in technology, support, and achievements bitcoin is number One that is why no one can take the position of bitcoin.
  3. I also believe that bitcoin will hit a new all-time high next year due to some reason like the bitcoin halving event will occur and this event will surely cause a big impact on the price action of bitcoin.
  4. Yes, it is possible if twitter adopts cryptocurrency. There is no impossible now because even telegram makes their own coin so twitter having their own coin is really possible.
  5. Yes you can choose crypto as your full-time job especially if you have some skills and knowledge about programming you are warm welcome here to crypto.
  6. The only way to know if they going to pay you is to experience it. If you able to receive some payout to it then it is good but if not you should look harder to see a real paying platform.
  7. No matter what the date is the only sure is the bitcoin halving is coming nearer day by day. I know everyone is hype with this because it may result in some action that everyone wants like the bitcoin bull run.
  8. I think we can still experience bear season until early Q1 next year the only thing that can turn this around is the bitcoin bull run that might happen before the bitcoin halving.
  9. You are right everyone should start accumulating xrp now because in no time it may explode again like in the past pump also many speculators saying that it can easily reach 1$.
  10. By the way what is the use of CHSB coin? Also how can i withdraw my profit to it because the app doesn't have any wallet function?
  11. I'm gonna try this app because right now I know that I have still many things to learn in trading especially in predicting the market movement.
  12. I think I prefer pi network even though it is not listed to any exchanges I know that this project has a big potential to boom because it has big supporters.
  13. I usually withdraw my funds in yobit through ripple (xrp) the fee is only 0.5 xrp it is only around 1500 satoshis so you can save more satoshis if you use xrp in withdrawing your funds.
  14. Bigtoken app is not a friendly paying app because the time you cash out the rate of the token will suddenly change to a lower rate.
  15. We are the same im also checking the price of the coin through blockfolio and coinmarketcap this is the best duo app if you want to get a real price action.
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