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  1. Yobit is the best exchange ever! Thank you for this new airdrop. 😊 16m4kneht
  2. I think bitcoin will only recover next year when bitcoin halving is happen because it will surely bring a hype to all bitcoin holders due to the decreasing supply of bitcoin.
  3. BTG is only a fork of bitcoin so it is not part of the bitcoin they just copy the technology of bitcoin to make a new coin.
  4. Dogecoin will not make any big moves so it is a waste of time to make a prediction to it because the price of it will stay stable forever because it has massive supply.
  5. I think it is better if I buy some micro instead of yone because waiting to it can give me profit in putting micro at investbox.
  6. Dogecoin cant reach 1$ even 10 season of bull run came because dogecoin had a massive supply if you see other coins that had 1$ price their supply is limited.
  7. I wont forget the tron I bought it when the price is really high and hold it for almost a year and when I came back the price was fall to the ground.
  8. Nope the bull run will not gonna this year but it might happen in the early next year due to the incoming bitcoin halving and i am sure many whales are accumulating bitcoin now to pump it hard next year.
  9. Buy millions of tron and stake it for a month and get btt and win by holding also a reward for holding it this coin will surely give you a positive profit.
  10. Yeah becuase it litecoin is not legal it will surely get delisted on all exchanges that it is listed like what happen to monero coin.
  11. Yeah i agree with you. Im confident that cardano will make a big progress in the incoming years that is why im always stacking my cardano until i reach million of it.
  12. You are right it is really hard to manage a coin with yourself only and also it needs more knowledgeable person in terms of marketing and partnership strategy.
  13. It is not that easy to achieve the achievement of ethereum and bitcoin cash. For now energi can be a top coin but it is impossible to see energi to catch the price of ethereum and bch.
  14. What do you think the price is remaining low? I think because of the massive supply of dogecoin and lack of marketing strategy and partnership.
  15. It is impossible for waves to achieve x2-3 this because they didnt do any major developments and major marketing to promote waves unlike other coins they are always active.
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