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  1. It is safe to do payment with crypto assets so you can do with full trust element try to use btc or eth for your payment and enjoy quick payment in this market.
  2. I also used xrp to widraw funds as it has cheapest fees, many member must know this to save money because some just convert into usd directly, we can use wallets to send xrp then convert into fiat currencies. and not directly on yobit.
  3. You are right many visitors that mean you are making good job in this forum and many of this visitors want to follow your account.
  4. I did not thinks that good or bad repetition will not effect on your earning . it depends on your posts how much you posts in this forum .you can earn 1$ approximately on 20 post per day.
  5. The reason for the deletion may be one of the following reasons: Either the content is not useful, the number of characters for the comment is less than 100 characters, or your failure to abide by one of the rules.
  6. I agree with you to some extent, but gold remains a tangible substance that has a presence on the ground, and people will still feel more secure in dealing with it, but no one knows what the future holds for us.
  7. I did not knew about the 100 characters rule. However I think that when you try to make a usefull post, you use more than 100 characters, to explain your idea, give examples or counter examples and added value to your post.
  8. I am a newbies i dont know because i have no experience. I have to complete hundred post.i continue my struggling for learning.i am here for work.i hope i learnt a lot of things.i hope you can get a good payment.
  9. Diligence and perseverance is the secret of success, and a person must continue to develop his abilities and learn in order to answer all that ambiguity and complications, and it becomes easy.
  10. Through our daily posts and reading the useful topics published by other members, we achieve the ultimate goal of this platform and we also get to know the opinions of others and exchange our views with them.
  11. Through the forum we can fill some daily needs, I do not think that we can provide all our needs through our income from the forum, it is an educational forum that is concerned with gaining information on cryptocurrencies and is considered part-time work and a source of income that can help us with some daily needs.
  12. Yes. Cryptotalk is really a great forum in the world for me . For this reason, we know that every moment this platform members added new post or comment and those post we are seeing and gain our knowledge. I wish this forum always stay with us. And give us more and more knowledge. Love you cryptocurrency.
  13. I want to say we are getting the bitcoins from this campaign and I think it is the best way also we are getting so much of knowledge about cryptocurrency and the payment we are getting it is in the daily basis also we can use those with coins for trading from the yobit wallet their is a option invest box from there we can start our trading with small investments that will be much for new beginners.
  14. These days lots of sites are offering bitcoin , but they all are scam , they offer very attractive offers and insanely high return profit. I request all the new user and members to don't trust these sites they are just to scam you.
  15. As we are all aware that the world is totally full of scammers. They have different strategies and styles to easily get you convinced so that you can submit your details to them. So do not share your personal information to anybody.
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