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  1. welcome my dear friend . You have to link your account on the Crypto Talk platform to your account on the YouTube site, then after 7 days have passed, you can collect coins
  2. Yes, my friend, you are right, the posts should be useful and distinctive, knowledge and continuous learning are the key to gain and develop the platform and new members, thank you for your post
  3. Frankly, I don't think this will happen. CryptoTalk or others might get 100 dollars a month and this is at best, but this amount is small and not enough to live, I hope that the situation improves.
  4. I do not know anything about what you mentioned in your post, my friend, I have not tried this before, but I think this topic is not sincere and if there is profit, it is very little. good luck
  5. Thank you, my friend on your post, I completely agree with you. Members should help new members here on the Crypto Talk platform, support, encourage and create new posts.
  6. Welcome my dear friend, all members of the CryptoTalk crypto platform should learn to trade and view market indicators for digital currencies daily, knowledge is a great treasure that people do not appreciate
  7. Thanks for your wonderful post, my dear friend. It is very useful. I completely agree with you regarding what you have mentioned. We have to pay attention to new topics and give them our attention.
  8. I do not think so, I think that the Jobite site is completely safe and guaranteed, you do not need to worry about it, but I advise you to withdraw the work to your wallet on the site and convert it to any other currency
  9. Personally, I use an Atomic wallet, it is really wonderful and its use is very easy, it has a lot of features and all the transfers are done quickly, it even gives me free coins sometimes
  10. Yes, friend, there are a lot of fraudulent people who send messages and emails to members, we have to be more careful than them, thanks for your post and your awareness, good luck
  11. Thanks for your wonderful post. It raised my spirits a lot, we must put in a plan and start hard work and make every effort to reach the highest benefit. I love CryptoTalk and hope it becomes more popular
  12. I think that there are many problems, including the emerging corona virus, of course, the global economy is in retreat and is still affected by what is happening, I hope the situation will get better soon
  13. Thank you for your post, my dear friend, and thank you for your suggestion, but I think that this is a difficult challenge for many here on the Crypto Talk platform, I wish you good luck and success always.
  14. I think CryptoTalk is on its way to achieving the greatest popularity, despite the lack of resources, but it is a great platform that gives knowledge with money, thanks to all the friends here.
  15. I didn’t understand exactly what you mean by your post, my friend, anyway, thank you for your participation, and I wait for help from the members so that I know, good luck to everyone.
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