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  1. i am in the crypto since a long time, almost 3-4 years ago i joined the crypto, i dont know the exact time which i spend in the crypto business, but approximately i remember 3-4 years back i was enter in this market.
  2. i spend more in the forum and the trading because i gain knowledge and experience in the forum and then i trade in the crypto to get my earning, so i spend more in the learning and getting experience of trading.
  3. yes bitcoin is the best currency and its role is as a king in the crypto trading business, it is moving the whole market, when it dumps, the whole market also dump, and when it pump, all the market also starts pumping.
  4. bitcoin is too much friendly in my country and almost 40-50% are using bitcoin in this country and there are huge numbers of transactions of the bitcoin on daily basis, many peoples are facing problem due to legality issues in some countries.
  5. yes agreed, ripple is the most secure and good coin than fiat for cross border payments, its price is almost stable and didnot give huge loss, i hear from someone that it will go to 3$ or 4$ in the few months, i love xrp coin.
  6. according to my point of view the pundi x token is a fake project and you have to not enter in this project, you have to find the good one, which can give you handsome profit and you can buy the other tokens also.
  7. no doge will not go up, there is only possibility of pump if they decrease or burn the supply of the doge coin, then it can move towards up trend and it can give profit other wise it is not a good coin and will never give you profit.
  8. there are huge number of ways to protect the crypto, this need experience of the trading, if you are expert you can better manage and protect your funds, there are lot of techniques to secure and protect your funds on exchanges.
  9. yes you can teach about crypto in your university and school, but you must have to get approval from the government first, because in many countries bitcoin is not legal and it is banned in the some countries.
  10. long time ago i joined the crypto, i hear from one of my friend and i interested to learn about it, so he teach me every thing about the crypto business and now i am expert and earning very good income from the trading.
  11. you have to hold the bitcoin only if you have good investment, grab some bitcoins and forget them for few years, there are lot of chances of pumping in the next few years, may be it touch the 50k or 1 lac dollars price.
  12. if you are looking to collect free bitcoin from the site then i think most of the sites are fake, they didnot pay you when you withdraw the funds, its totally waste of the time, you have to work hard you will get money.
  13. thats great, yes i also heard that they burned their half of supply and they price is gone little bit, hope they will burn some more supply to pump the price and the holders will become happy with the steller holdings.
  14. no i didnot send crypto as a gift to any one because in the current situation i am in the loss so i am not in the position to give gifts to any one, currently my position is to only receive the gifts from the friends and family.
  15. i loosed huge of my life in the crypto learning, it takes too much time to learn about crypto, i also loosed too much money during the learning, because i bought too many shit coins and they give me losses.
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