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  1. yes market is too much down and bear season is not ending since last 2 years, all the alt coins are going down and down and many of the coins will destroy your investment very soon, they are going to be dead.
  2. i am in the crypto since a long time, almost 3-4 years ago i joined the crypto, i dont know the exact time which i spend in the crypto business, but approximately i remember 3-4 years back i was enter in this market.
  3. i spend more in the forum and the trading because i gain knowledge and experience in the forum and then i trade in the crypto to get my earning, so i spend more in the learning and getting experience of trading.
  4. yes if i have all the bitcoins i will change the world and also i will decrease the poverty from the world and i will help the needy persons and provide the investment opportunities to them so they will become also good earners.
  5. yes bitcoin is the best currency and its role is as a king in the crypto trading business, it is moving the whole market, when it dumps, the whole market also dump, and when it pump, all the market also starts pumping.
  6. wow that is a great news that in the village crypto is famous and they own the crypto, its shocking news because the peoples in the village are not educated and they dont have knowledge about crypto, but your village have such a great residents.
  7. bitcoin is too much friendly in my country and almost 40-50% are using bitcoin in this country and there are huge numbers of transactions of the bitcoin on daily basis, many peoples are facing problem due to legality issues in some countries.
  8. haha its not a joke, it is impossible that whole the world network dies , it will never happens, if it happens all the business, physical and online business will be stopped and also too much losses in the few sec if this happens.
  9. the worlds most used crypto currency is the bitcoin, it is the major coin which is used on every exchange, every wallet and every where it is accepted and it have also too many atms in the many countries where you can easily cash.
  10. yes agreed, ripple is the most secure and good coin than fiat for cross border payments, its price is almost stable and didnot give huge loss, i hear from someone that it will go to 3$ or 4$ in the few months, i love xrp coin.
  11. bitcoin is backed with the demand and supply factors, when the demand increase and supply become low then its price start pumping and when the demand is low and supply is higher then its price is dumping according to investment.
  12. there are too many news about crypto currencies and retail market and most of the news are fake and they just want to move the market, when the news about crypto comes, many traders and holders feel fear and they starts selling the coins in the loss.
  13. yes off course bitcoin and crypto currency users are friendly and they are in the good relation and they are loving persons, they care about every user and they also help them when they are in the crises, crypto users are like family members.
  14. according to my point of view the pundi x token is a fake project and you have to not enter in this project, you have to find the good one, which can give you handsome profit and you can buy the other tokens also.
  15. no doge will not go up, there is only possibility of pump if they decrease or burn the supply of the doge coin, then it can move towards up trend and it can give profit other wise it is not a good coin and will never give you profit.
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