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  1. An interesting question, but why do you need usdt if there is usd - after all, this is the same! Only, this is already Fiat , which you can easily withdraw to your card or online wallet. Why complicate your life? But if you plan to push them to another exchange, this is of course the problem, but you can just withdraw to Fiat, and buy already where you want :))
  2. In fact, this is a very cool theme! As we can see now, after the halving, the price of bitcoin is holding up very well, so we can expect a fairly high advance to the future, which contributes to really high prices!
  3. Friend, there's nothing wrong with that! ERC-20 Is like a separate platform, but also related to cryptocurrency, mainly ether. I would recommend that you install a wallet on your phone - trust wallet, which allows you to easily use all the features, and even store bitcoin. But the point is in erc20, you just need to send your eth address
  4. In fact, as I remember, the Yobit exchange is almost 6 years old, but cryptotalk is a new stage of promotion! It appeared in 2019, sometime in October, maybe even earlier, but it is quite young. So, he still has a lot to see, and a lot to go through, it's cool!
  5. In fact, the forum has a search for topics. But I believe that if your topic will be on the forum, and it will be different from the last one, also giving us all some new information, then this will be a good bonus! And in fact, your post will be relevant 🙂 after all, you always need to update old information.
  6. In fact, many facts depend on the cryptocurrency and its relevance. The fact is that we do not notice as a couple, as we are inspired by any interests or desires, and perhaps some restrictions by law that scare people away, or, simply, make them reject cryptocurrency, because it can be a fraud!
  7. Both types of such systems have one thing in common – the presence of their own blockchain . Yes, in the second case, the main part of it was borrowed from other projects, but it was modified and modified for the functioning of the new currency. In other words, a blockchain is required to create a coin. Tokens, unlike coins, are created much easier. They don't need to create a new blockchain or change an existing one. There are different platforms for creating tokens, such as Ethereum or Waves. As a result, it turns out that the creation of tokens is limited to choosing the platform and following the instructions of the developers. Plus, tokens are almost always created on a special database. They do not have a separate wallet and blockchain, and the platforms make a special standard for this. This allows you to unify the parameters of new tokens to simplify the process of creating and using them. So, Ethereum has the ERC-20 format. It allows you to establish interaction between the system and tokens, store them in one place and on one wallet. For example, you can store any ERC-20 tokens in MyEtherWallet.
  8. Scam projects are a very developed area in our time, so you need to be as wary of it as possible. I think you should choose a more reliable site, such as YOBIT BINANCE BLOCKCHAIN and others , they exist! The main thing is not to believe the fraudulent tricks that promise you a large investment!
  9. In fact, this is the right decision! But it seems to me that by creating a new theme, you can add something to the previous one, the one that already exists , and this is really great. But of course, it's better to bring it all in some other way, and it's better not to do copy-paste at all!
  10. I believe that this platform is one of the best. Because, it has the only big brother analog - this is bitcoin talk. But now, in order to receive payments there, you need to have a high level of account, a rank that will raise you up the career ladder, but everything is very difficult there! Immediately, a new forum that goes to meet users, and gives you the opportunity to move higher!
  11. Actually, it's cool! Because it develops your copywriting skills, as well as cryptography skills, which will be very useful to you in the future , and this is very cool! When I, being a great innovator of the crypto universe, started writing topics, I didn't know anything, and I could sit on one topic for several hours to understand something! Good luck!
  12. To be honest, how many participated in such hands - rarely come out in a plus, and it turns out only 1 to 1 to make a profit. It all depends on the time and prospects of the token, I think that if it is expected to be steep, then its price should be high!
  13. In fact, it is always difficult to be a beginner, but it is very interesting! Because, you should strive to get out of this area, and strive for a level of high progress! Always avoid problems and various obstacles, because this will give you a great lesson! Good luck!
  14. Friend, I understand you perfectly! I used to be surprised by the word bear and bull, too, thinking... what the hell does this have to do with cryptography? But it turns out that everything is quite simple! When there is a battle between animals, usually bears beat their paws - this means that the coin rate starts to beat down, and the bulls beat up with their horns, so this shows us the fact that when the bulls - the price starts to beat up, and it grows!
  15. Cryptotalk is actually a very cool site, why? Yes, because, in addition to the fact that it is motivated to develop in cryptocurrency, you find and meet cool people for yourself, and all that, it allows you to earn very good money, and this is great! I am happy and strive to develop on this forum for a year!
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