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  1. @Projectcrypto....We all know that low quality posts are deleted. So we should all not post inferior. We will always post meaningful. If you post with less than 100 characters, it will not be considered a good quality post. So we should post in the forum following the rules. And the feature you're talking about will be really great.
  2. @gourav789... Yeah mate...Our English proficiency is improving as we work in the Cryptotalk forum. We are learning a lot of English as a result of working in this forum. Because we have to post in English. I think this forum will play an important role in learning English.
  3. @tienda.... I like BNB and Ethereum two coins. I think the future of all cryptocurrencies will be better. But my best choice is Ethereum, because Ethereum is an expensive currency. I am interested in investing and trading with Ethereum. Ethereum's users and popularity is increasing day by day. Its price is increasing day by day. So I like Ethereum the most
  4. @tienda.... Bitcoin is the best and most expensive currency. The demand for Bitcoin is increasing day by day. In fact, the price of Bitcoin depends on supply and demand. I think the price of Bitcoin will increase towards the end of the year. I think the more bitcoin users buy, the higher the price of bitcoin. Do you agree with me
  5. @Dorjoy12.... If you look at the crypto world right now, you can see. Crypto is being scammed almost everywhere in the world. So now it is becoming difficult to identify the real and the fake. So it would be nice if we could do the bounty. But investing and trading is the best way to make money in the crypto world.
  6. If you want to trade then first you need to know all the information of crypto market. You need to gain experience and always monitor the crypto market. Day trading is as profitable as it is risky. You must choose a coin for day trading whose price always fluctuates. You can currently buy DLRS tokens. Because its price is always volatile. But if you buy tokens at a lower price and sell at a higher price then you will benefit. But if you miss the opportunity. Then you will be more likely to be harmed. @George10
  7. @Dorjoy12.... There are many ways to buy books with Bitcoin. But we do not know that. If the Amazon platform sells books, you can buy books with Bitcoin from there. However, you can download and read the PDF of the book from the Play Store. And that would be good.
  8. @Dorjoy12...A lot of money can be made by bounty. But bounty is not so easy, you have to work very hard to bounty. But if you learn bounty then it will be beneficial for you. But you can easily make a good income by investing and trading.
  9. @George10... Filecoin will be accepted. Since Binance is the best platform, it will definitely be good for Filecoin. Filecoin's price will probably be higher. However, the price is not yet known. However, I think Filecoin crypto will occupy a good place in the market
  10. @Mark wood...ofcourse.. Those who work hard in the forum will succeed. And those who come to the forum just to make money will definitely drop out. So we have to work in the forum and help all the members. We will all share new information with everyone.
  11. @Emma William...You have a very good plan for trading. Trading basically means buying and selling cryptocurrencies. When the value of the currency goes down, you will use that opportunity to buy the currency. And you always have to keep an eye on the market. When the price of a coin rises in the market, you have to sell it. This will allow you to benefit. The trading of those who can guess the crypto market is very profitable.
  12. @eliottalderosn.... Filecoin has a lot of security, so hackers is not hacking. Filecoin will be adopted by the Binance platform, which will start its trading journey. Since FileCoin is decentralized, it will be very popular if everyone accepts it. However, no idea was found about its price. Once the price is revealed, it will be understood how popular it will be in the future. So we have to wait.
  13. @Mark wood...But keep in mind that no exchange site is 100% secure. Because if you look at Binance's past, you can see that Binance was hacked a few years ago. However, the Yobit and Binance platforms are good for keeping our money safe. But now blockchain technology has increased security more than ever before. So we can use these two sites to exchange securely.
  14. @Mark wood...Those who work in forums just for the money are certainly very stupid and selfish. Because Cryptotalk forum is very useful for everyone. You need to spend enough time in this forum. This allows you to capture all the information in the crypto world. This allows you to easily invest and trade. So spend time in all sections of this forum.
  15. @Emma William.... Bitcoin can do a lot to make money. You can earn BTC by working on different sites. You can earn BTC by working on Faucet and Airdrop. You can earn BTC by investing and trading. However, trading and investment will be the best way to earn BTC. Because you will benefit a lot from this
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