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  1. BTC price rise in the coming months Yes, I am from this point of view, because the market is too open to payment by cryptocurrency. I would say 10k or 12k not more: maybe in a year or two, it will reach 20k.
  2. After more than a month in this forum, the thing that I appreciate most is the image that gives this forum to the user, a good teamwork and each time new surprises and coins won! It's also a strong community.
  3. For the moment I have not received my electricity bill yet! Because in this month I have a lot of trading on several scales and I think that if you win is no problem! The real problem is when the market is falling and the electricity bill is growing!
  4. My problem is not the lack of sections but to answer on what? The majority of the articles are already consumed in this forum, if the administrators think for the creation of new sections and closed the sections which are only chat rooms on which copy and paste and who wants to signal everyone! why not sections for the most famous coin coins like BTC TLC and XRP for example it will allow fans of every coin to exchange ideas quietly!
  5. It's done, my friend! But I did not like this option to ignore another user: I thought that everyone is there to help and learn from each other and respect the beginners and not report them every time they tell a trick that seems to other nil members.
  6. You will have to create a fake profile to win this easy money and then pass it on to your real wallet! I do not see the point of exposing myself to a stranger with my true identity for a few coins!
  7. The faucets pay well? No I do not think you start with 1 or 2 .satoshi and for a transfer to your account or your wallet you should reach a sum of more than 20 or 30 dollars, for me it's not a profitable project.
  8. I want so many things! The first one. that my payment be paid. and he will be back soon! And that wickedness disappears from this forum. and also do not see where I come from or if I am an expert or beginner in this area and the most important thing that stop to report me!
  9. . Why leave such sums on the same wallet, consider moving half on another scale. And also withdraw your dollars whenever possible. Believe me in a year you will have more liquidity on you
  10. Personally I rarely use the message box except for one is true friendship that I hope that lasted as long as possible, if not the method of 2 MN has no influence on the sending of messages.
  11. I have my idea about the reason for raising the bar each time the number of the members increases. It is also necessary to lower the expenses and in this way the budget remains always the same, but one changes the conditions and with banned members and deleted topics we stay in the average.
  12. Yes very correct and you know why? There are members who do not like the way I respond on their articles so they start reporting each message I post and after it will be deleted it's unfortunate but it's the truth.
  13. Even if someone struggles to reach 100 messages, the Eraser is waiting for it! Because too many messages will be deleted because of off topics or signaling from another member! Believe me it's not easy to keep the same pace on this forum.
  14. But why for these three sites only? Because I do not see a valid reason it's sections in the forum is this way the members will rarely go on certain section so as not to waste time and make money that's all.
  15. Whenever the members of the forum increase, the rules and conditions of the payment change, at the beginning 30 messages now 100 messages, the problem is in the number of the users who push each time the moderators for new rules.
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