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  1. I don't think this forecast will be right: the prices of all the coins are falling and this week Btc is -7000 dollars and Xrp 0.18 dollars is a bad sign, and the growth will take a long time and surely not in a month.
  2. Thank you very much for your advice, I read this sentence a lot on Yobit, that the site does not contact yobit users in a private way and if it is the case, denounce it because the scammers did not stop.
  3. You can protect your coins in a physical wallet, but caution and vigilance are the best ways to save your wallet and never give your details to anyone and without forgetting 2 protective factors.
  4. Btc is the centerpiece! Its value is either falling or rising controls the rest of the coins and also the volume of Btc is the highest in the market; then to see another coin which can exceed Btc is out of the question.
  5. Xrp hits the bottom with 0.19 dollars! And yes here is the news the prices drop in a crazy way! And luckily Xrp isn't the only piece in this free fall, so is it still well booked?
  6. It's like choosing between the moon and a little star lost in the sky! Doge is a nice and stable coin in its price, but to measure this coin with Btc it is unfair for Doge and Btc.
  7. And why not ! Getting rich is not written on the pages of my destiny, even poverty is not either! So work and trust yourself and if one day you come across the magic coin that will make you rich then continue to believe.
  8. Yes the price of 12,000 dollars seems realistic and very fair for the year 2020, however this growth becomes more and more impossible and given the current situation and also the planned launch of the new piece of Facebook, I am pessimistic.
  9. We are all happy to have been able to join this magnificent forum which gave us the opportunity to win not only thousands of satoshi but also good relations on the forum with magnificent people!
  10. I am of your opinion it can be used as a financial weapon for third world countries, because the big problem that arises in front of the development of certain countries is the policy of international banks which imposes many conditions before signing a loan banking.
  11. The same thing as you I do not think a day that will end without me settling in front of my computer to consult the markets and prices of crypto currency, on the contrary I even think of offering more time and why not do this market a professional career.
  12. I believe for this end of the year the price will drop and growth may be by the first month of 2020 and for a low price up to 7000 dollars and for growth it will be spectacular and I think the figure of $ 15,000 will appear soon in 2020!
  13. I believe that the prices are already falling sharply Litecoin 40 dollars Btc 7000 dollars and other figures are also very low, I think the whales are approaching a higher speed and for some time we will see prices really amazing!
  14. And Google will launch its coin too! No I don't think Twitter will launch a coin just to conquer Facebook, but from a commercial point of view everything is possible in this digital world and if you have the means you are powerful and you can create your own currency.
  15. The dollar already exists before the Btc is even an idea! So I don't think the dollar is dependent on Btc but quite the contrary, because Btc is valued. Thanks to the existing currency .and Btc users, they can easily sell it if one day it becomes less profitable even with large losses
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