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  1. Determination to work, innovation and creating a sense of order and discipline are among the highest rules that achieve success in work and the best of them I congratulate you dear and I will work hard for an asset like you as I have presented useful and good opinions that deserve follow-up and a good course in this forum
  2. Hello, this is good, but care should be taken no matter what, because we will face obstacles whatever we do in every field, especially work here. We must act with more rationality and wisdom.
  3. The beginning of work is desirable to create with passion and enthusiasm. You must work with ambition, plan and organize to practice your work professionally. This helps creativity while you work to make profits and accomplish what can be accomplished while adhering to the appropriate conditions, especially for the freshmen.
  4. Depending on the value of the published topic, this is due to the ability of the publisher and his speaking mentality with attractive ideas, which gives the topic a positive evaluation and a good reputation, so the interaction on the topic increases, which raises his position here and gains fame according to his valuable ideas and messages that help everyone or spread a benefit to some people or include solutions to their problems, and so the work continues.
  5. For beginners, they should not post a topic because this may put their account at risk, but they need more time to gain experience and comment on good posts is best.
  6. You will gain in analyzes that did your work to the fullest, especially working on this platform requires experience and more sufficient skill and learning while following all the rules and regulations and how to understand Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency in general, and you will be able to invest your money as you want and achieve
  7. To avoid the ban, do not copy and paste other people's responses. Do not defraud the members. Your words should be useful. Commenting in English only. Follow the forum rules. Do not offend others.
  8. I agree with you that greed is a negative thing at work. If you want your topic evaluations to be good and have a good reputation, you should write a topic and useful ideas that include the required content here.
  9. You have to be patient and not make quick decisions that may destroy your business and work with effort and credibility and follow the rules that pertain to the forum and help others, such as newcomers to this platform.
  10. You benefit as a beginner in many advantages as you gradually learn how to work and then get used to work and gain knowledge so that you do not jump to the higher ranks and this helps you learn a lot of your work and it is like school grades from the youngest to the oldest. This is good, my friend.
  11. This site is one of the best sites that I have known. It is true that I never knew about it, but when I worked with it and tried it, I saw that it was excellent in terms of reputation, payment, work with credibility and cooperation among all, so the more you worked hard you earned more
  12. Thank you for the encouragement, my friend, I will not give up. I hope to achieve what I want and gain knowledge and gain from the fruits of my work. All the best, friends.
  13. Spend some of your money. If you have enough money for an investment project and start a new business, you must be organized for this accurate and avoid falling into the mistake or a victim of the trick of fraudsters, so be aware and cautious and you will do well my friend
  14. There are several ways to be promoted to a higher position, which is commitment to work, dealing kindly with everyone, and useful posts that have a logical effect while adhering to the rules set in the forum and helping others
  15. Interacting with publications and evaluating them is one of the most important things possible in the work here because it gives a positive or negative to the topic that is in front of us. From this, it acquires a reputation that suits his idea. I give evaluations to people who deserve it because they worked hard and it is my duty to respect every person here and encourage him to do his work.
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