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  1. I think its not a problem and no issue at all. And maybe they are deleting those messages that they think as spam and I am also getting this same situation and not getting paid. They should make an update regarding the new payment system and this could make people to leave this website since no more free money.
  2. I got a message that Airdrop is already ended. Hopefully they will make an airdrop again for those people who didn't able to join the event.
  3. Multiple accounts should be banned and making an excuse like siblings, etc are already been used so many times and it's really unfair for people who only have one account.
  4. Great to know. Making a lot of post just to make a money is really exhausting but this could take a lot of messages that is not helpful which will be lead to spam but this willl lessen the people who are creating dummy account.
  5. I see. What does the 100 post mean? Is it for the new accounts or the old accounts are included? Great knowing the new rule i just didn't see the update.
  6. SILPFS Thank you yobit for the airdrop.
  7. More newbies means more spam and duplicated question that doesn't know on how to use the search button.
  8. If you took 1 btc from then i will have 1.4 btc left and not able to invest it in other altcoins.
  9. Is this for new or old member? This could take a lot of spam i think.
  10. d3nz

    Libra Bounty?

    They will surely make a bounty for their project and i think the reward will be just less and maybe they will ask for a KYC before getting the rewards since it is required for them.
  11. I think the best strategy is still by buying in low then sell it high. And making an investment for a long term is still best if you have chose a good coin thst can make you a lot of profit,
  12. It will surely happen and i think in the future the cryptocurrency will be use to make for a lot of services and government coukd take advantage of it and make a law to add tax and definitely againts privacy coin since it cannot be tracked.
  13. I earned a little sincei didn't expect that it will sudden pumps up but still a profit,
  14. People are afraid because they think bitcoin is a multi level marketing company so they don't really know what is bitcoin and sfraid to invest and lacks of knowledge.
  15. Yes, I mistakenly deposit my 0.005 BTC to another address and i didn't realize that its not my wallet and that's how i lost it forever and never came back.
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