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  1. I think its not a problem and no issue at all. And maybe they are deleting those messages that they think as spam and I am also getting this same situation and not getting paid. They should make an update regarding the new payment system and this could make people to leave this website since no more free money.
  2. I got a message that Airdrop is already ended. Hopefully they will make an airdrop again for those people who didn't able to join the event.
  3. Multiple accounts should be banned and making an excuse like siblings, etc are already been used so many times and it's really unfair for people who only have one account.
  4. Great to know. Making a lot of post just to make a money is really exhausting but this could take a lot of messages that is not helpful which will be lead to spam but this willl lessen the people who are creating dummy account.
  5. More newbies means more spam and duplicated question that doesn't know on how to use the search button.
  6. Is this for new or old member? This could take a lot of spam i think.
  7. d3nz

    Libra Bounty?

    They will surely make a bounty for their project and i think the reward will be just less and maybe they will ask for a KYC before getting the rewards since it is required for them.
  8. I think the best strategy is still by buying in low then sell it high. And making an investment for a long term is still best if you have chose a good coin thst can make you a lot of profit,
  9. It will surely happen and i think in the future the cryptocurrency will be use to make for a lot of services and government coukd take advantage of it and make a law to add tax and definitely againts privacy coin since it cannot be tracked.
  10. I earned a little sincei didn't expect that it will sudden pumps up but still a profit,
  11. DoN't trust ratings in an ICO website they are fake and paid to advertise the project. And investing in ico is a waste of money because once it listed in an exchange the value will be less than you bought in.
  12. No problem at all and getting my payment in realtime. Maybe there is a problem on the system and you need to wait for it to be resolve,
  13. Wow. Congrats to all winners! You deserve it all and providing your effort to attain this reward.
  14. Maybe he's saying that he can still get a reward even with a small amount of token. Deeponion still has its 5% block reward and can dtill get a reward even with 500 tokens.
  15. Not a good idea. Once the exchange has been hacked then your funds may involve then its your loss. Better to have a cold wallet then save the private keys in your email, usb, cloud storage or pc and make sure to encrypt with a password and put a hint in case you forgot it.
  16. Of course i will trade all of my coin/tokens and sell then wait until the market crashes again. I think thats the best idea for now
  17. Probably the lack of members and maybe they still don't know this forum yet. They will start promoting this campaign once it hits 5k members here or more than thst.
  18. Yeah i agree, they should also provide their information so we could know who really are this team behind if we are investing or trading on their exchange.
  19. That's a great way to earn money and i would like to know the breakdown on how we can this? Do we just need to keep it open while browsing or need to click the ads?
  20. Yes you're right. And hoping some of the new comers will not create any spam or a copy paste post since they will surely be ban.
  21. I think this forum will trend since they will probably take advantage of this opportunity and this is once in a lifetime that you can earn 30k sats everyday.
  22. Thank youmfprmthe instruction and tip, i never tried this metamask before and i think it is much safer to use this rather than copy and pasting the keys.
  23. I gained a lot of profit today with btc and it jumped to $8600+. Bitcoin is still the best crypto and good for long term hodling.
  24. Dogecoin is really good for a long term investment and people who holds this coin thinking that the price will go uptrend once bitcoin's value rise up. And ima hoddler too of dogecoin,
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