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  1. That’s why we have to have reporters for those who do spamming just to be qualified in the said requirements. I think admins and moderators are now aware and took the actions well about it.
  2. I think so, especially if you are going to mine bitcoin. It requires an electricity likewise doing things online is just the same thing. Its just like a cycle, invest for you to have what you want.
  3. Wayback 2015 my friend shares me about bitcoin he’s talking about it’s process and at that point I don’t really know what he’s trying to say. Today im in a point of regrets where i hope i could turn back time and listen to him. Now he’s having so much more.
  4. Yes, i think there’s a lot of people who already heard about bitcoin. But in our country Philippines, especially in some certain part of it which is the provinces where some people who live in there doesn’t have an internet connection which leads them to ignorance about online world.
  5. If there’s a need of giving, why not? It depends on you and on the person who will receive the gift. It’s expensiveness depends on how important the person to give.
  6. You might missed reading the forum mate. Can you define “when”?? it’s sad how you criticize me without reading first.
  7. I will possibly cash out some of my coins and try to find a quite cheaper project to buy. Its now or never like what they say. It’s an opportunity for those who really working hard here in crypto.
  8. Well this is a great idea in securing your crypto. And i also suggest for you to always keep your private key. My e wallet is still good and haven’t experienced any negative things at all.
  9. Being suspended in crypto i guess, when i was reported by someone due to plagiarism i decided to be more cautious and do my research for i will not be reported again.
  10. Bitcoin is the best in terms of investment compared to gold. Gold can be a good asset to fall back on, but it pales in comparison to BTC’s ability to profit.
  11. I know the feeling when you get banned or suspended in crypto. It makes you feel sad to the point wherein you want to crate a new one and start from the scratch. may i know, what is your violation? How did you compromise?
  12. I don’t think so, because as far as I’ve read here in the forum btc in the market is doing great. Well we know that bitcoin is unstable but there’s no certain reason for it to be down for now.
  13. As i am watching some tutorials online on how to do gambling, trading and mining and have shown some of it to my family their approach is unbelievable. They just sit and like oh that’s it. They can’t still see the essence of digital money as a tool of advancement in the future i guess.
  14. I am living here in the Philippines wherein adapting into cryptocurrencies is not that chronically high. It’s not that common to others unlike to the neighbor country like sg, japan, hk, and many more.
  15. Pakistan as far as i know is part of developing country. Its good to heard this kind of news wherein the hope is merely alive. Blockchain knowledge may somehow help their country progress just like any country in the western part.
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