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  1. As the title says, what are some good coins that are in crypto sphere where users can get some interest on the coins that he holds at his wallet? I would like to list out some of the coins that "Binance" has stated they would offer staking rewards for users holding them at their exchange XLM, KMD, QTUM, STRAT, VET, NEO, ONT Have you noticed at other good coins that are useful for staking?
  2. Well, this is a new forum which has been started very recently and the admin needs time to implement ranks and all those extra features to make forum more attractive but I think they will do it may be in the coming months or so once everything gets in place
  3. Good way to start the new forum by rewarding people for their efforts. Moderation as you said is certainly needed to make sure if the site has to make a mark in the crypto space as there are already big players in the crypto space and to compete with them, you need to have quality users/ posts having discussions that are appropriate for crypto. Hope this forum will set standards. I am in
  4. So, is this the only token yobit is going to use for any services to use on Yobit.net? If so its really worth as the value of the token will be intact since its going to be primary coin for all services to use at Yobit? Am i right?
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