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Found 9 results

  1. Let me start with congratulating on forum growth - offering money for creating posts is brilliant campaign and in fact brought me here - I told to myself "they will have people there for sure, it might be cool place to discuss things" - that was the main reason (getting "free" money is nice but pales in comparison to having good place to discuss things) I am starting to feel it dilutes quality of posts and you need to dig through lot of superficial posts (I will elaborate bellow) to find quality stuff we crave reading about. I feel like in last 100 post read I "learned" about 30 times that "bitcoin is number 1" I will try to describe what I mean by superficial posts and make example that would apply if topic was about making pizza. Of course noone will talk about pizza here, but everyone knows what pizza is so it might be good to show examples of what I am talking about🙂 "just noding" - basicaly post that offers nothing new and states the obvious, most often short in lenght and written in non-thretening almost "overly politicaly correct" way, just mental copy-paste without doing actual copy-paste. pizza-example: "yes pizza is delicious and its made in oven." same thing in multiple posts - one person repeats something many times adding very little, if any new stuff at all, basically same thing in other words. pizza-example "you can have many different thing on top of pizza", "pizza topings can be adjusted", "you can choose what you put on top of pizza", "different toppings makes different pizza" "easy offtopic" - something where person reacts to post about X that briefly touches Y by stating some obvious thing about Y. pizza-example: someone talks about how to prepare pizza, how to heat oven, layer ingredient etc. and briefly mentions cheese in ingredients, response "cheese is made from milk"
  2. My friend try to registered in crypto talk but he can't registered and he says crypto talk stops new registerions so l have one dought crypto talk stop all countries are few selected countries because my friend belongs India, pleases suggests what to do my friend registered in crypto talk forum.
  3. So I was talking to user @cryptokram about naming for forum ranks (I hope soon we will have some ranking system). He came up with a nice name for new users as pioneer. If you guys are familiar with bitcoinTalk then you know their naming for ranking are: Brand new > newbie > Jr member > member > full member > Sr member > hero > legendary What do you think about the rank naming in this forum and how many rank do you prefer? Let's figure it out by us 😁
  4. I wanted to like a post and this is what popped up. This means there are a finite number for a user for sending reactions to others. @Admin may I know the number please. Also how many of you ran out of reaction like me?
  5. Not sure if there is any topic regarding this. If there is any then please ignore this topic and excuse my ignorance. I am wondering about the forum rank we will have here. I see two rank so far. Administrator Member Is there anything else?
  6. Well locking a topic to prevent spamming is one thing and locking at topic where people are actively sharing their concern is another thing. If you do not allow us to talk freely then this is very rude. We were having a conversation and on a sudden @Desais locked the topic saying, Link Sorry here, I have to disagree again with you. I really do not understand your moderation policy and I am sure a lot of others will have the same issue. If we are having conversation in a topic then please do us a favor, Please do not lock it. Treat us as civilized. I am sorry this is very rude attitude. If you need to express your explanation in a new topic then do it but you do not need to close an active topic. Edit: By the way where is @epidemia seems like you backed off a little. May be you need to get active a bit. There were less question when you were active to be honest.
  7. Not complaining but trying to find an answer here. @epidemia @ayatoslaw @Alex077 @Desais @Ex1sTenZ This was the contents of the topic: Link is here Image address is here We are building a community. Idea, achievements, entertainment are the things we discuss here, aren't we? I am trying to understand that if this was a mistake to delete it or I have done wrong to post it in this board? If the end one is true then it should be moved to the appropriate board instead of deleting it., isn't it? And if the first one is right then I would request to restore the topic. I would also hear from the community too about this matter. Let the ball rolling and let us grow and make a healthy community. Thanks
  8. This must be 300 seconds now, meaning 5 minutes delay. I have no idea about all of you but I am getting bored and I think I will never be able to finish responding to the queue I have in my activity list for the posts I follow (I am talking about custom activity stream). I am not complaining but having 300 seconds to wait is too much time to wait for a user like me who loves to talk to others constantly. This 120 second was okay though. I would like to hear from the community so that @Admin and mods ( @epidemia @ayatoslaw @Alex077 ) can come to a considerable number for us. Please share your thought and ideas of the alternative so that we can take actions to stop the spammers.
  9. I have a board and few topics enabled with email notification but from last hours I have not received any notifications yet. I see replies and new topics in the board but no notification (email) in my inbox. Is this me only missing it or you also have noticed it? Thanks
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