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  1. myaccount1

    I'm lost

    Yes you are right when a member have good knowledge about the forum rules and follow it then yes he will not loss anything and he will get their daily payment.
  2. Yes you are right and still moderators and admin are working to those members who are doing spam on this forum.
  3. Cryptotalk forum is giving us 1000 satoshi per post which is good idea and furthermore you are saying we are exchanging that amount to bitcoin I think you are newbie and you have no idea that cryptotalk forum is giving payment in bitcoin.
  4. Adding topic is all depend of us and its is our responsibilities to add more interesting and important topics, and the admin responsibilities is just adding section.
  5. Yes in the most of exchanges and wallet have no any limits and we can easily withdraw the high amount of bitcoin and yes there are some exchanges and wallet which ask for us to kyc and when we have fully kyc then we can easily withdrawal high amount.
  6. I think this place is also good for selling that types of file and is also good forum which you can sell it.
  7. Yes there are so may coins available but those who want to get more profit and secure their investment then bitcoin is very best for them.
  8. Yes and still i am holding my dogecoin and i hope one day i will gain good profit from my this investment and dogecoin is very good coin.
  9. Yes and comparing the both of communities with each other the bitcoin is leading win because the bitcoin communities is very large.
  10. Yes for every project needs more peoples for promotion activities and when owner more promote their project then they will get more communities and investors.
  11. And the main reason is that the bitcoin demand is very high in the current market of crypto currencies because it is the most popular coin in digital currencies.
  12. So if you need good information about that which place is good for storing your bitcoin then you should choose the coinbase, blockchain wallet and yobit is also good place for storing your bitcoin.
  13. Yes this forum is a very good opportunity for us to learn more about the crypto world and i think we all need to invite our friend to join this forum especially those friends who's have no idea about crypto.
  14. And i have also know this good forum in the month of September and after that when i saw its popularity in just a week then i joined it on the first week of October.
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