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  1. There are some websites that specialize in financial profit. Including games and e-marketing. and some forums. Such a constructive forum. Unfortunately this forum has stopped paying. We ask the forum administrators to consider the payment.
  2. Hello dear friend. Any business is fraught with risks and surprises. It requires some adventure. And in this business you should expect profit and loss. You must be aware and familiar with the work. To be well informed and to rely on your knowledge and experience.
  3. Spelling errors change the subject form. And the many errors lose the meaning of the sentence. So we must learn how to write. We learn the spelling rules. In order to be good members. This forum will teach you a lot.
  4. Yes. I want to become rich. I have money from this business. It has fun. A good adventure for me. In these difficult days who does not have money. He cannot live on this planet
  5. I'm a beginner. I advise reading, adhering to and understanding the basic rules of the forum. And learn from the old professional members of this construction forum. And rely on ourselves.
  6. This job requires focus and knowledge. Because working with cryptocurrency is fraught with risks and surprises. Focus on the goals you set in this serious business. It leads to success and earning big money.
  7. You must give information about your e-wallet. For one person only. According to my personal opinion. And this person is very reliable. Because scams and scammers are becoming more active.
  8. I don't have enough experience and knowledge in cryptocurrency trading. But any commercial operation we undertake. It is market watch. And stay away from greed. And have patience and self-confidence. The most important thing is a good reputation.
  9. Yes, my dear friend. I agree with you, you should abide by and understand the basic rules of the forum. And well applied. I advise beginners to focus, search and read in all sections of the forum.
  10. in my knowldge. Yes, you can work with mining on laptops. And mining in general, requires electricity, internet and a high-quality computer. It is very expensive. In this difficult time
  11. I am a beginner. According to my daily reading and follow-up on the Internet. Cryptocurrency. It has a promising future in all countries of the world. There are some countries that are fighting these cryptocurrencies. Because it is good in the world market. It is good for all developing countries whose economy is unstable. These cryptocurrencies will become a new and evolving global financial system. But after a period of time not so far away.
  12. Haste leads to regret, debilitation leads to safety. We must be vigilant and careful in writing useful and new topics and publications. He posed positive and qualitative topics. And to collect good information that helps us to continue in this forum. Good reputation and positive reviews are good in this open field.
  13. This list you made is good and helpful in this forum. Before doing any work on this forum. You have to read to increase knowledge and gain experience. Read in the sections of this forum every day. Give you courage, self-confidence and perseverance in work. And learn to write useful and good topics and publications. You have to follow the basic rules and advice of old professional members of this promising forum.
  14. Be patient and courageous and stay away from rumours. And you have to keep some cryptocurrencies to use them in time to trade. Market monitoring is continuous and daily. Stay away from greed and fear. And don't put all of your money in one trade. Because cryptocurrencies are in a state of constant fluctuation in price.
  15. These ideas you put forward are good. To follow our work on this forum. And I'm here, in order to make money and become rich. But it requires a lot of fatigue and effort. Let's gain good knowledge and experience. And cryptocurrencies attract you to delve deeper into this scientific and specialized platform for these cryptocurrencies.
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