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  1. You can take a break.No restriction on you .But you will not get your income while doing so.If you are feeling stressed and tired , then you need to take a break of some days . This will be useful for you. After the break you can work in better way.
  2. As a beginner , I faced many difficulties.Because I was oblivious to the rules and regulations of this platform.I was so scared Because there is a slight mistake in your rules and regulations, you can close your account. I was very careful at that day
  3. I believe that humans are not perfect Everyone commits mistakes.When a person makes a mistake, then he repent over it.And tries not to do it again .A human cannot learn a thing without experience .Man benefits from his experience and never try to do it in life again .
  4. Today I got to learn many things on this farm Out of them, I mention some things as I've learned a lot about trading And a lot of information about cryptocurrencies .By joining this form I'm very happy .Because every day I learn something new .
  5. Congratulations on completing 100 posts .Now you please post 20 useful posts.But one thing you have to keep in mind Share ideas like this that are useful. Doing this will increase your reputations
  6. Reputation is an important thing in my opinion .Everyone should share good ideas that are beneficial for others ..Every man who shares a good thing should be given positive reputations. It's his right .Everyone should do so.Because positive reputations result in payment And negative depletion reduces income .
  7. I agre with you .Everyone has different level of thinking . if someone see one aspect of a thing then the other people will see different aspects . everyone has different ideas about things .those who have unique ideas should be given appreciation and given him the positive reputation. Its their reward .
  8. Absolutely our income is affected by the reputations. If we get the positive reputations then we get the payment.If we achieve negative reputations then we do not receive payment andcthis is the rule of this forum.
  9. Thanks for providing us the useful information with us. We all should set a strong password and don't tell anyone else. In this way we can save ourselves from hackers and can work in comfortable environment .
  10. Everyone can cricise if he thinks he can judge according to this forum guidlines. If someone thinks that this can be made better by doing this then he can criticize. If nobody knows anything about him, then he should not criticise that post.
  11. It is just for those who worked hard along with patience . if a person is patient and keeps working hard then he walks towards success. Patience is the basic thing you have to do to get success for example on this forum everyone gets payment after 7days anyone can't get it before time . So patience is necessary in life .
  12. I think that a person should work thinking when absolutely relaxed completely so that he can express his best ideas and take advantage of it and benefit others. In this way, he will also have reputations and other people will not even give him negative reputation.
  13. You can save your post from being deleted, for this, you only have to do one thing that you just have to follow the rules and regulations of cryptotalk forum. The another important reason of post being delete is the content you are sharing that is useless, and forum delete this post thats why you should share the useful content .
  14. The first thing you have to do is to complete hundred posts.After that you will have to post 20 useful posts everyday which are beneficial for others . This forum have no concern how many posts you did.he will pay only 20 posts that are usefull.
  15. You should work when your mood is good, when you are in good mood, you will try to find the best that is beneficial for others and for you. And you will be able to find such things which will be new and helpful and for those who are senior and can get benefit.
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