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  1. Absolutely not mate. Crypto currency can never be scam. They have been used for more than 10years. And they are 100% trusted. You just have to know the best wallets for using to prevent being scam.
  2. You are absolutely right mate. A coin can't just disappear from the market. As you can't just bring a coin in the market if you want. You can't even make a coin disappear if you want.
  3. Well you can use crypto Talk as a good way to earn crypto currency. But if you want to make more you can use bounties and airdrops. Or you can use faucets for some additional coins. Or you can try cloud mining. That is also a easy way to make crypto safely.
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I have already invested in invest box. But didn't tried with water. I will do some more research on the invest box. May be then choose a good coin.
  5. Well said mate. I even don't understand why some of the members think crypto is gambling. I don't think they are right. While I think its absolutely fine. Even it's a great platform for making profits.
  6. As crypto is not available in your country. I think you should respect the decisions taken by your government. Don't use crypto in illegal way. Even this platform doesn't support fake locations. So, you can wait till crypto is back in your country. Then you can resume again.
  7. I don't think it's possible. May be the use of crypto currencies can be more massive. But they can never replace fiat currency. Because a country needs a stable currency. But the the price of crypto currencies are not stable. May be they can be used as a second currency.
  8. If you ask me, I'm really getting attached to crypto. As a new member i found crypto very authentic and useful. I'm getting good profits and becoming financially strong. So, for me there is not a single reason to leave crypto.
  9. No I'm one of those. I believe BTC will raise halving 2020. We all know that price of a coin depends on the demand. And still BTC is the mont demanded crypto currency. And the demand is increasing every day as a new people are joining crypto world. So, it's clear that the price will raise high in future.
  10. Some of the counties who are not updated with technology or the people are not properly educated are afraid to accept bitcoin. They think that it may be used for criminal activities as you can never locate the sender. There is no trace of money. Even the government can't use vat on this currencies. So, they are not ready to accept this currencies.
  11. You came up with a really good topic. It's really hard to identify the scam sites. Though you can try to find more details on YouTube about the website. Or you can see the rating and review on Google. That will give you a more clear image of the website.
  12. Yes, I have brought almost 3 of my friends and 2 of my family members to crypto world. Some to them became good traders now. I told them about the good things of crypto world and profits they can make. Those who felt interested joined me. And now we trade as a team.
  13. I'm actually a newcomer and I started cryptotalk at the end of the month. So, can't tell you specifically. But its 250 talk and almost 10-15 SAts that you are getting every day. So, the if you know good trading you can make a lot of money with this coins. You just need deep knowledge of the market.
  14. I feel really sorry for you. You are absolutely right. Providing our personal information is not safe for us. If they are in the wrong hands then our money will be robbed. So, we all have to be careful while providing any personal data. Even we can use alternative options where our personal data is not required.
  15. Of course it's safe if you understand the crypto world deeply. You can easily lose your money if you don't have trading knowledge and you jut rush into investment. So, be patience and make plans before investing. You will surely get good profits.
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